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BDS’ bark is far worse than its bite




Ira Stup, a senior consultant to J Street Education, wrote in June 2015 that “as long as being pro-Israel, is synonymous with supporting the occupation and offering empty platitudes about peace, the traditional pro-Israel community will continue to lose”.

Ali Abunimah, a pro-Palestinian BDS blogger, writes: “Israel knows it is losing the argument and is throwing everything it has at sabotaging the (BDS) movement.”

Adam Levick, who writes a continuing series titled “BDS is Failing”, reveals some hard facts economically, socially and politically about BDS and its effects on Israel.

Economically, VW Germany has recently invested $300 million in Israeli rideshare start-up Gett which has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world.

Additionally, UK healthcare company BTG has invested $110 million in acquiring cancer treatment company, Galil Medical.

On the political front, universities in Italy, Scotland, Canada and the US are pushing back against BDS, by either outlawing anti-Israel funding or as the Swiss government has done, launched an inquiry into anti-Israel NGO funding.

Italy, in fact, has announced that it will bring its largest ever delegation of academics to Israel, in what is seen as a move to counter BDS.

In London recently Israeli supporters shut down a BDS flash mob who hoped to close down an Israeli owned shop in honour of “Nakba Day” (the day dedicated to the failure of Arab armies to destroy the State of Israel at its birth).

The Israeli activists mobilised far more supporters and outnumbered the bewildered group of Islamist extremists, and drowned out their calls for a boycott.

The United Methodist Church (UMC) has successfully voted down several BDS resolutions this year.

Socially, Bruce Springsteen will perform in Tel Aviv with his E Street band. Elton John has performed in Israel very recently and so has Brian May (Queen).

Performers who were scheduled to perform in June this year (and indeed did so) are Brian Wilson (Beach Boys); Die Antwoord (SA band); Foreigner; Alice Cooper; Sergio Mendes; Nick Mason (Pink Floyd); and Barry Manilow.

Another compelling attribute of Israel, is that the country is also known as a “start-up” nation, where companies start, grow and then list on the various international bourses. Israeli hi-tech and artificial intelligence are not only highly regarded but globally sought after. So too, are their drug and pharmaceutical companies.

A casual forage on the Internet will reveal thousands of multi-million dollar enterprises situated in Israel and trading on one or more of the global stock exchanges.

The conclusion: BDS is a non-event.

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