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Herzlia elects leaders in uncertain times



Herzlia High School elected its student leadership council (SLC) on Friday, 31 July, which will be in place until the elections midway through 2021. At this stage, it’s difficult to imagine what Herzlia will look like then; it’s difficult to imagine what the world will look like.

What we do know is that it will be a different school to what it is now.

As we discussed at our truncated Shabbaton, during which we did various team building activities, drafted vision statements, and allocated portfolios, it became clear that this is probably the most important moment in Herzlia’s life and the wider world around us, for student leadership.

It won’t involve only role modelling the usual Herzlia leadership attributes, it will also require individual and group agility and uncommon reserves of resilience and fortitude in formulating and carrying through plans and projects.

We have a strong and united group this year, more so than many, and we wish its members well in this challenging but hugely exciting time.

Congratulations to the SLC of 2020/2021: Benjamin Zar, head student; Jonty Schkolne; Shallya Samakosky; Rachel Wohlman; Ariella Cohn; Benjamin Daniel; Dylan Friedman; Daniel Marsden; Eron Norrie; and Jake Whitesman.

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