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Herzlia – top NSC school in SA




Ripples of pride, joy, and nachas spread from the Cape Town Jewish community around the world as news broke on 13 March 2021 on career website Gradesmatch that United Herzlia Schools (UHS) was the top performing National Senior Certificate (NSC) school in South Africa.

The site measures a school’s performance based on distinctions per learner using data gathered from the Department of Basic Education. Herzlia came out tops, with 4.281 distinctions per learner, outperforming competitive schools like Herschel Girls School and Bishops Diocesan College.

“There are many ways of ranking schools, and no one set of statistics tells a full story. By any ranking method, however, 4.28 distinctions per candidate for a co-educational, inclusive community school is astonishing, and to be ranked as the top performing school in the country by this criterion is wonderful beyond words,” Herzlia High School Principal Marc Falconer told the SA Jewish Report.

Said UHS Executive Director Andries van Renssen, “We embarked on a journey to focus on the future and modernise, improve, and become more relevant. This has brought about changes in the way we teach, assess, and engage with pupils. So, we are pleased that the way Herzlia is evolving on this journey has already created change – last year we were number six on this same list, and this year we are number one!

“We are really proud of our results, but academic results are just one parameter of success. We want to reach the pinnacle of success in other spheres like sport, innovation, and menschlichkeit as well.”

Said Falconer, “It’s with humility, gratitude, and appreciation that we acknowledge the quite incredible achievements of our 2020 matric group. We are, however, aware that for the majority of schools in the country, a full online learning programme wasn’t practicable or even possible [during lockdown].

“While this doesn’t diminish the dedication, focus, and hard work of the matriculants or the expertise and commitment of teachers and support of parents, it does humble us and make us aware of our privilege and our responsibilities. We wish our matric group mazaltov, and congratulate our teachers, support staff, and counselling department for an extraordinary performance that fills us with delight and pride.”

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  1. Abel Levitt and Glenda Levitt.

    Mar 18, 2021 at 11:17 am

    A hearty MazalTov to Herzlia learners for the outstanding Matric 2020 results. and naturally, a MazalTov to the teaching staff who worked so hard in this difficult Corona Pandemic Year.
    With best wishes for continued success.
    Abel and Glenda Levitt. Kfar Sava ISRAEL

    Abel is a life member of the Herzlia School Committee, a former Chairman of the school. He would not have been able to devote himself to Herzlia without the total support of his wife Glenda, a staunch supporter of all P.T.A. activities including being School Fete Convenor

  2. Yvette Polovin

    Mar 20, 2021 at 4:34 pm

    wonderful achievement Hertzlia matriculants!! 🌈🙏. you did Cape Town Jewish community proud!!

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KDL Primary teaches chesed through kits for the disadvantaged



Grade 6 students at King David Senior Primary Linksfield last week packed and supplied educational hampers to their outreach school, Houghton Primary, which has yet to return to full-time schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to generous donors to the King David Schools Foundation, students in Houghton Primary’s Junior Phase received a pack containing age-appropriate worksheets, new stationery, a book and a small treat, along with a personal note written by King David Grade 4 and 5 students.

The initiative is part of teaching students the importance of chesed (kindness), a core value at King David. King David students are able to live this value through the school’s outreach programme, and participate in partnerships that support previously disadvantaged communities.

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KDLPP shows appreciation for Hatzolah heroes



Hatzolah responders Warren Katz and Yehuda Sevitz visited King David Pre-Primary Linksfield students and taught them about kindness and mitzvot in the month of Elul. Then, the Grade R students presented them with a beautiful poster and a quilled chamsa to show their appreciation for community heroes. The children enjoyed seeing the ambulance and meeting these Hatzolah responders.

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Youth leads the way



Mazaltov to the newly-elected student leaders for 2022 from their schools and the SA Jewish Report!

King David High School Linksfield

Head Student Leaders: Gabi Sassen, Daniel Appleton

Deputy Head Student Leaders: Shiri Kaplan, Judah Marx

Heads of Committees:

Advocacy and Awareness – Kelli Hollander

Arts and Culture – Mia Peretz

Eco – Danielle Novick

Judaica – Yoni Porter

Outreach – Hannah Gnesin

SMACC – Dylan Heller

Sports and Lifestyle – Rachel Sacks

Leaders: Leigh Appleton, Gabriella Berkman, Jonathan Borowitz, Ricki-Lee Friedman, Michael Gingell, Anja Gluch, Ben Goss, Jessie Herring, Raphael Hirschowitz, Ryan Jammy, Joseph Joffe, Lior Kolman, Melissa Krawitz, Amy Lurie, Chiara Miller, Tali Pimstein, Zak Rachelson, Rory Rosenberg, Aiden Sack, Dalya Uria, Isabella Woznica

King David High School Victory Park

Executive Committee

Head Boy – Jarrod Kapeluschnik

Head Girl – Megan Gruzd

Deputy Head Boy – Liron Krawitz

Deputy Head Girl – Leah Meyerowitz

Chief Whip – Ariella Scop

Judaica Committee: Nadav Sundy, Liora Scop

Arts and Culture Committee: Keren Katzew, Joshua Milner

Spirit and Sport Committee: Adam Dakes, Elle Ochayon

Outreach Committee: Shira Woolf

Global Awareness Committee: Environment – Jessica Blem

Civic and Social Awareness – Jamie Treger

Service Committee: Public Relations and Communication – Daniel Rismani

Foundation and Mentoring – Natalie Cohen

Yeshiva College High School girls

Head Girl: Liat Lew

Vice Head Girl, Head of Israel: Ariella Friedland

Head of Unity and Inspiration: Ariella Feinblum, Talya Shlesinger

Head of Chessed: Tali Kozinsky

Head of Media: Carrie Goldstein

Head of Environment and Advocacy: Batsheva Levy

Head of Sports, Arts, and Culture: Hannah Farber, Liora Rosenberg

Yeshiva College High School boys

Head Boy: Gabriel Kahlberg

Vice Head Boy: Josh Sachs

Head of Israel: Benji Chazen

Head of Unity and Inspiration: Asher Levenstein, Gidon Ralph

Head of Chessed: Daniel Sacks

Head of Media: Joseph Levin

Head of Environment and Advocacy: Joshua Hirschowitz

Head of Sports, Arts, and Culture: Jonathan Lewis

Herzlia High School

Head Student: Benjamin Anstey

Deputy Head and Secretary: Sinomhlobo Nomkonwana

Deputy Head and Outreach: Sabrina Brivik

Deputy Head and Zionism: Olivia Diamond

Sport: Aaron Schwartz

Jewish Life and Learning: Adi Ayache

Social Affairs: Mila Smith

Culture: Jamie McNally Student Wellness: Jared Daitsh, Lilla Fleischmann

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