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Instead of making ‘grand entrances’, teach children real values




I simply could not read the sentences quoting Ashleigh Eldad without my blood pressure rising and me not making a comment.

“Even parents who are stretched should save and make an effort for this metamorphosis. If they cannot afford top designers, there is no harm in buying a lovely dress from a boutique. The dresses or suits do not necessarily have to be designer clothes. Regarding the helicopters and limousines, …only if the parents were wealthy enough to afford it but (it’s) important for the matriculants to make an entrance.”

I ask how many females have managed to survive an entire lifetime without affording top designers or even shopping in boutiques? How many females have got through life without making “entrances”? 

How on earth do girls whose education at these schools is subsidised feel when they witness such extravagances?  

Perhaps Eldad could have taught her daughter something about real values by the two of them volunteering to do work for Kosher Meals on Wheels or Yad Aharon and then understood what it means to be stretched and that saving is for the necessities of life – and not designer clothes, grand entrances etc.  

I felt saddened reading this article and realising how far removed from reality many wealthy people are, and are thus unable to teach their children anything about the real values in life.

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