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Jews should address the enemy within



Jerry Snell, United States

Tzorres (worries) do not come from the outside world, but from within. Without achdus (unity),we bring tzorres upon ourselves.

The outside world views the Jewish people as having a glorified shul fight. Liberal extremist groups which are so-called Jewish groups are often anti-Zionist in reality. Others are confused youth who want to be in the college “in crowd”, and are willing to forsake their heritage to do so. One sees it whether one is in Providence, Rhode Island, the United States, or other parts of the English-speaking galus (diaspora). In some places, these extremists are allowed a place at the table of political correctness.

Why would pro-Israel entities get involved with such people? Do they feel they have to include all Jews under the political umbrella, even if these organisations have ideas harmful to eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel)?

Some have more non-Jewish than Jewish members. What’s next? Why not invite Jews for JC (Jesus Christ) next? All “Jewish” ideas are right, so why not bring all Jews under the tent of inclusion? Why shouldn’t Jews who accuse Israel of being a Nazi-like country enjoy their rights? After all, liberal extremists like Bernie Sanders and George (Schwartz) Soros should have their place in kehillah (community) US. There are Jews who say kaddish (prayers) for terrorists killed by Israel. What’s wrong with that? Let’s be one mishpocha (family)!

It’s just plain stupid to let people of that ilk have their say. Let them cry for the so-called Palestinian entity on outlandish college campuses. They have no place in any kehillah, whether in Providence, London, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Ottawa, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere else.

Am Yisrael chai (the people of Israel lives)! 

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