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Keeps being mistaken for Berland




A Shuvu Banim Rabbi whose name SAJR Online was unable to establish (pictured left in Glenhazel), has been repeatedly mistaken for Rabbi Berland, to whom he bears an uncanny resemblance.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland - preferred pic - smallThis may account for the regular “sightings” the Jewish Report has had called in over the past two weeks.

SAJR Online sent the picture above, taken by well-known photographer Ilan Ossendryver, to Yossi (the members of the sect only go by first names), a senior follower at the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and asked if it was Berland.

The notable distinction between the two men is that this rabbi has some colour at the top of his beard, whereas Rabbi Berland (PIC RIGHT) has a pure white beard.

“No, it’s one of his students,” came the reply. “Rabbi Berland has trained many rabbis who have students of their own. This is one of them. “The newspapers in Zimbabwe actually made the same mistake and put a picture of this rabbi on the front page saying it was Rabbi Berland,” said Yossi.

Yossi was, however, unable to identify the rabbi, saying that Berland has thousands of followers.

The whereabouts of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Berland are not known. The Berlands are believed to still be in South Africa but their whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret. Jewish Report has been unable to establish their current location within SA or whether they are continuing to move from place to place as the rabbi had been doing prior to the rebbetzen’s arrival.

SA Jewish Report is still trying to arrange for an interview with Rabbi Berland.

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