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Sandton Sundaes for Purim




Ice cream-themed event


“Purim Sundae” is Chabad Goodness & Kindness Centre’s creative twist to this year’s community Purim celebration. The fun will take place on Purim, Sunday 16 March from 4pm. Featured entertainment for all ages including jumping castle, DIY Hamentash Bar, and more!

Purim - Chabad Sundae tallCome and enjoy a light supper and ice cream sundaes for dessert. In addition, the celebration will feature a child-friendly reading of the biblical scroll of Esther, known in Hebrew as the Megillah accompanied by a multimedia slide show.

In the spirit of Purim, participants are encouraged to come in fancy dress and be included in a fashion show, Stand a chance to win prizes for the most innovative or funny costume! The event is a community-wide program, and all are welcome to join, regardless of Jewish affiliation or background. Bookings: Chabad House 011-440-6600 or email — or at the door, 8 Stella street, Sandton (across the Gautrain station and Mandela Square).

R120 for adults and R70 for kids. Early bird discount – 25% when booking in advance!

What is the holiday of Purim?

The festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar. It begins this year after sundown on 15 March and ends at nightfall on 16 March. The holiday commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in Ancient Persia from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.” The name of the holiday, Purim, literally means “lots,” for Haman determined the day of the annihilation by drawing a lottery. It is observed by public readings of the Megillah, or Scroll of Esther, to recount the story of the Purim miracle, sending food gifts to friends, giving gifts of money to the poor and enjoying a festive Purim meal. For more on Purim’s history, observances and meaning, plus fun and other activities for the entire family, visit

For more information on Chabad’s Goodness & Kindness Centre’s Purim festivities or on the holiday of Purim and its observances, contact Rabbi Ari Kievman at 079 434-1293, email or visit the website at

So, it’s Purim Ice Cream Sundae Party in Sandton on Sunday 16 March starting at 4pm at Chabad Goodness & Kindness Centre, 8 Stella Street, central Sandton (opposite Gautrain and Mandela Square). It costs R120 adults and R70 for kids – or take the 25 percent discount for booking and paying in advance!

There is plenty of parking available outside the Shul. RSVP to 011 440-6600 or email

More Purim events

Saturday 15 March at 7.30pm there will be a Communal Havdalah Ceremony followed by Megillah Reading & Hamantashen at Shul (Chabad’s Goodnesss & Kindness Centre).

Sunday 16 March at 8:15am there will be a Shacharis Service followed by Megillah Reading and snacks at Chabad’s Goodnesss & Kindness Centre.

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