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Mina Lopato teachers go back to school



Mina Lopato’s staff recently put themselves in their children’s shoes to learn how to succeed.

While brainstorming the theory of success – the nursery school’s theme for 2022 – they concluded that it was all about building the quality of relationships.

They also realised it was no different for children. And, unless they actually put themselves in the shoes of a child, it would be hard to understand what it was like from a child’s point of view. So, Grade 0 teacher Marissa prepared a variety of school type activities for them.

It was a long time since they had been given activities to do in a classroom, at desks, that challenged their creative thinking, problem solving, visual perception, fine motor, artistic, and mathematical skills – the very same tasks children are presented with every day.

Some found the tasks difficult. They didn’t like what they were being asked to do, and some just wanted to get finished.

They complained, they looked for reassurance, they asked each other for help, and “copied” whomever was next to them. They were competitive and insecure, and there was even a “tattletaler” among them.

And so, they saw what it’s like to be a child at school. They were them – just bigger and with a better ability to identify what they were feeling.

They didn’t have to cry, have a tantrum, be defiant, or say they were bored. They could say, “I feel unsure of my ability or I don’t like that this task highlights my weaknesses.”

They trusted that nobody would be judged for their outcomes; and they knew how to ask for help when necessary.

The exercise built relationships and improved thinking because they could communicate needs and try different strategies. The results were fantastic.

This was success at its best.

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