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WIZO SA’s new president rallies women across the board



‘’If you want this, or are doing this now, then you need to join me,” says Shelley Trope-Friedman, the new president of WIZO (the Women’s International Zionist Organisation) SA.

Trope-Friedman takes her recent appointment seriously. A good leader is one who communicates effectively, encourages a sense of urgency, shares knowledge, and is passionate about what she does. She adds to that the ability to listen, to quantify, to act, and to engage. As president, she intends to do just that. She is deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve at the helm of this exciting organisation, one that has the ethos of equipping individuals with the skills they need to transform their lives. As she puts it, “We do what matters most!”

One of Trope-Friedman’s primary goals is to ensure that all women are represented in WIZO.

“The work we do and ideals we stand for carry no age restriction, and I hope to inspire women of all ages who feel passionate about being part of this powerful and transformative organisation,” she says. She believes that young women bring energy and excitement to WIZO’s projects, and older women bring history and the experience to assist and direct the youth. This combination of young and old is pivotal to the growth and success of the organisation’s endeavours.

‘’At WIZO, we seek to provide women with all they need to live fruitful and safe lives. In Israel, we try to provide direction and education to the young. We also provide assistance to abused women while offering anger management and support to abusive men. We are actively concerned about all in society,” says Trope-Friedman.

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein described WIZO SA as “an amazing sisterhood, a group of talented, bright, and caring woman who dedicate themselves to the holy work of building a better world through extraordinary generosity of spirit, selfless volunteerism, and committed ideals”.

Trope-Friedman’s vision is to encourage all women to be part of this ideal. “Together, we will shine brightly and be a beacon of hope. At WIZO SA, we hold our own because of the generous people in our community who help us to save those women and children who need us most”.

Following in her late parents, Bob and Adele Trope’s, footsteps, Trope-Friedman spent many years involved with charitable institutions including the South African Zionist Federation, ORT, and Glendale Home.

“My parents supported and helped me to discover the essence of giving, donating, and working to build a better future for all. This is the truth of what we do, and I look forward to steering WIZO SA in this direction. I feel privileged and humbled to have been given this great honour to lead as president. I welcome you all to join me in my exciting new journey with WIZO.”

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