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Joburg wants to hear what its Jews need




In Jewish Report’s series on the Louis Botha Corridor, this week the paper pose readers’ questions to the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA).

The JDA has been planning to hold a public meeting on the issue, says the city’s Senior Development Manager, Siyabonga Genu. It has been slightly delayed due to the city’s change of management, from the ANC to the DA et al, but Genu told Jewish Report this change is not expected to result in any changes to the masterplan for the city, as all political parties have rallied behind the project.

Louis Botha - SIGNWith the new Executive Mayoral Management Team now in place, Genu plans to schedule a public meeting to be attended by the requisite new city fathers.

“We are looking at the pedestrian walkways to the stations,” Genu told SAJR, “as we realise we are going to have to upgrade the pavements within a radius of one kilometre of the stations.” This is one of the key issues the city wants to discuss with residents living in the area.

Another is: “We want input from the Jewish community due to their high walking traffic needs” which cover Shabbos and chagim. One of the reasons is the importance of the needs of the observant community who may need to cross Louis Botha, but cannot press buttons to stop traffic at intersections.

Genu has promised to advise Jewish Report as soon as the meeting is set, but he expects it could happen as soon as next week. JR Online will keep you updated so keep checking with our website.

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Louis Botha - Louis Road station1a
An early perspective drawing of the area where the first station on the Louis Botha Corridor will be built, starting in the first week of October. 

The timeline – what to expect…

STATION CONSTRUCTION: The first station will be built on the corner of Louis Botha Avenue and Louis Road, at the intersection where Pick n Pay is, and construction is set to begin the first week of October. This will eventually link to the East/West Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System line to Rosebank. The stations will all be “closed”, which means that one will not be able to access the enclosed boarding platforms without an access card or ticket.

END OF MAJOR ROADWORKS: Genu says the JDA is aiming for this to be completed by February 2017. This target date applies specifically to the non-Bus Rapid Transit (BRT or Rea Vaya) infrastructure and stations.

LAUNCH DATE OF THE BRT: The expected launch of the Rea Vaya bus service is July 2018.

THE ROUTE EAST: Genu says the current planning is for this to now run along London Road at the northern edge of Alexandra township. He confirmed that at this stage Ekurhuleni Metro has put their plans to join the project on hold and therefore Johannesburg will build the route up to the N3 motorway and be ready, should Ekurhuleni choose to join at a later stage.

ADDED STORMWATER ISSUES: The JDA realised last year that, while they are installing bulk stormwater systems along Louis Botha Avenue as part of the project, they will still require additional services in the peripheral region – Patterson Park is one example.

“Money has been allocated in this financial year for planning an additional bulk stormwater upgrade,” says Genu, as well as additional funds for implementation next year, as an extension of the project.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hymie

    Sep 4, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    ‘I have been following this series and fascinated. I dowenloaded the PDF and read it over Shabbos as you suggested. Please ask Joburg if we’ll be able to crodd over LBA without having to call for or activate lifts, escalaters, robots etc. Thank you ‘

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