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Oscar-winning performances




That’s why, together with our emerging and innovative HR department, we instituted a staff “Culture Campaign” not long after I joined the Chev in 2010.

While attitudes and mind-sets change slowly, the campaign, now in its fourth year, is proving to be a worthwhile investment and we are seeing improvements in team relations; lower staff turnover; greater dedication; and improved service.

Each year has been differently themed. In 2016 the theme is WE ARE ONE. Every division showcases their work to visiting colleagues from other departments. The tour around the kitchens arranged by the Catering team was fascinating and informative; Selwyn Segal and the mental health facilities demonstrated their daily timetable as we explored the different areas, and the Rehabilitation department provided wheelchairs, walking sticks and tied one hand behind guests’ backs to help them experience life with a disability. 

When it came to Social Services, we all wondered how on earth they would showcase counselling. And that’s where the Oscar awards come in.  

At the outset the large group of visiting staff was introduced to a fictitious family in trouble – mom, dad, two children and grandparents. We were ushered from room to room to watch different types of counselling being enacted.

The role-playing was clearly well-rehearsed and very convincing. First up was the Intake social worker who positioned the family’s needs and the multiple issues they were facing – laying out a game plan that would ensure the way in which each challenge would be addressed. 

Then the out-of-work husband and his wife, who was burned out and suffering stress-induced abuse from her husband, were counselled with empathy and practical advice. 

A third social worker consulted with the parents about the children and the school’s reports that they were unsettled and acting out.  

In yet another room the grandparents were counselled. They were not in good health and beginning to suffer the effects of dementia, adding tension and financial strain into an already troubled household. 

Other counsellors presented preventative programmes and before we knew it everyone had experienced a real day in the life of our extraordinary Chev social workers.

What made it so impressive? The acting, of course. Only the acting.

May our partnership continue to thrive

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