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Watch Olga’s US TV interview from Monday




Olga Meshoe – the charismatic COO of Deisi (Defend Embrace Invest Support Israel) International – appeared on America’s Jewish TV network JBS (Jewish Broadcasting Service) in the above interview on Monday

Olga is going back to the US from March 1 to 11 next year as the guest of the Greater Washington Jewish Federation, Hillel and the American Jewish Congress (AJC) – all based on the successes of her visit to the US in May. And, more and more top-tier organisations are clamouring to book time with Olga to talk on Major US campuses.

In the interview, talk-show host, Shahar Azani, asks Meshoe for her views on the widespread sentiment on American college campuses that Israel is an apartheid state.

OlgaShe dismisses any American college student who uses the term “apartheid” in relation to Israeli policy regarding the Palestinian issue as woefully ignorant of what apartheid was in South Africa.


Olga Meshoe is the real deal – she is elegant, articulate, bright as can be (she previously practised as an attorney at one of South Africa’s most prestigious 
law firms) and is passionate about her Zionist cause.

When asked in the interview if her pro-Israel stance has generated any personal animosity towards her, Meshoe said it did not matter to her what her peers thought of her; rather it was history that would judge the morality of her deeds.

In “Olga wows America on whirlwind visit” published on Jewish Report Online on May 25, there is another video interview with Olga while she was on her fundraising tour. 

Ubiquitous for passion towards Israel

Meshoe and her organisation are fast becoming ubiquitous for their passionate pro-Israeli voices on the South African scene, and indeed, in the wider African context. She is the daughter of African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader, MP Rev Kenneth Meshoe, whose party is a strong Israel supporter in Parliament, as well as outside.

On the last day of Olga’s May trip to the US, she went to the United Nations to meet with the staff of the Israeli Mission before flying back home.

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