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Project-W distances itself from Wits SRC
The five-person Project-W faction on the Wits SRC making up 40 per cent of the SRC, were never consulted and have, in fact, issued a statement this week to say that their members distance themselves from the City Of Johannesburg's "Palestinian Solidarity Week". Their leader, commonly known as "Mighti Jamie" made some serious allegations regarding the governance of the SRC in this open letter and, in fact, also delivered a letter of concern to VC Habib who immediately instituted an inquiry regarding Jamie's very serious claims. Jewish Report understands there are claims of SRC funds being used to support BDS and IAW - as was the case at Rhodes some years back.
Project-W distances itself from Wits SRC, “The Wits SRC is not a political promotion tool for the Mayor” A letter addressed to the Wits University community yesterday claimed that the Wits SRC is to host an event with the City, and Ramallah. As members of the Wits SRC with over 40 per cent of its directly elected officials, organised by a member of the SRC. Therefore it does not have the support of this body and we as Wits SRC, to abide by the norms of good governance and accountability. Jamaine Mithi (Mighti Jamie) WITS SRC
Wits Jewish SRC candidates can make a difference
This year 3 Jewish Wits SRC candidates are again in the running next week. The candidates are hoping that both Jewish and non-Jewish students who are their friends, will turn out in numbers to vote as they did last year. They are again running on the Project W ticket. The PW website lists the many positive contributions by the party and the Jewish students on the Wits campus over the past year and lauds their effective delivery of improved services. See who is standing and VOTE!
Wits Jewish SRC candidates can make a difference, Three Jewish students were elected to the Wits SRC last year on the Project W ticket and all made substantial contributions to campus life. All three are bowing out as the election of a new SRC looms, campus” and making “the SRC accountable to the students”. They also ran new initiatives such as the Wits, helped set up the first Wits Food Bank for hungry students. The third Jewish member of the current SRC, , the younger sister of current SRC member Ethan, who excelled as a member of the current SRC
“I love Hitler” says Wits SRC president
SA's Jewish students, under the leadership of SAUJS Chairman Natan Pollack, pictured left, are seeking the "harshest action possible” against anti-social SRC head Dlamini. And, it seems, Wits' no-nonsense VC Prof Adam Habib is not planning on taking any prisoners either. This is at least the third time this year that Dlamini has fallen foul of the Wits administration. None of the cases are closed and one alleges the use of SRC funds to support BDS-SA, IAW and Palestine Solidarity Week. With everyone except BDS so fed up with him, his days may be numbered...
“I love Hitler” says Wits SRC president, Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Mcebo Dlamini, has caused a huge controversy, about the SRC was referred to a high-level enquiry by (Wits Vice-Chancellor Adam) Habib – the report, Vuvuzela, the campus newspaper, that “firm action” would be taken against the Wits SRC president, to the SRC President, I indicated that Wits strives to be a pluralistic institution and defends freedom, Colleagues, Students, Alumni and Members of the Wits University Community The SRC President’s Facebook
Wits SRC president in a vicious anti-Jewish rant
The newly-elected president of the Wits Student Representative Council, Mcebo Freedom Dlamini, has asserted that Jews control the university through their wealth and that Jewish students receive preferential treatment.
Wits SRC president in a vicious anti-Jewish rant, intimated was probably from “the Jews”. Dlamini further claimed that in general, Wits disregarded the needs, was exposed by the Wits Vuvuzela campus newspaper for having fraudulently posed as the grandson, of Sisulu’s sons and a Swazi princess. Despite this controversy, he was elected as SRC president, , very little to show academically. The SAJBD, in its letter to Wits Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib, they were wealthy or not. He confirmed that Wits had indeed received a large, anonymous donation
Farber lands top SRC position at Wits
When student activist Gabi Farber heard that she had landed a position on the University of the Witwatersrand’s (Wits’) Student Representative Council (SRC) after elections last week, she thought she was dreaming.
Farber lands top SRC position at Wits, through the African National Congress (ANC)-aligned Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) at Wits, she was also, the second position on the SRC. “I got involved to help others, and it’s because of the students, of Jewish Students (SAUJS), and students at Wits were there for me every single day. They stood up, number of votes, Krengel says. “That shows that the average student at Wits is happy to see a white, in South Africa and at Wits if we just engage.” Benji Shulman, the director of public policy at the South
What does the EFF’s SRC victory mean for Jewish students at Wits?
As the Economic Freedom Fighters readied themselves to march to the Israeli embassy in support of Palestinians on Thursday (November 2) the Jewish students at Wits wonder what kind of impact their new EFF-strong Student Representative Council will have on them.
What does the EFF’s SRC victory mean for Jewish students at Wits?, of 15 seats at the SRC elections held on October 19. They officially came into office on Wednesday, SAUJS chairperson at Wits, Gabriel Zollman, says it is difficult to gauge what lies ahead, including the implications for Jewish students, as this is a first for Wits, and for the EFFSC. This election, did lament the fact that “so few students voted in this SRC election. There are still real issues facing students, and it will be interesting to see what approach this new EFF-led SRC adopts
Wits SRC calls for postponement of exams over suicide rate
The University of the Witwatersrand’s (Wits’) Student Representative Council has called on Dean of Student Affairs Jerome September to declare a state of emergency and postpone exams because of the number of suicides and potential suicides among students.
Wits SRC calls for postponement of exams over suicide rate, that this exam period is seeing the highest suicide rates and attempts,” wrote SRC President Sisanda, to address the issue has seemingly become more pressing than ever. After two suicides at Wits earlier, residence at City Junction – reportedly within 24 hours of each other. Wits is certainly not alone, . The situation has resulted in a call by Wits students for greater support from the university, (CCDU) is not enough. The SRC has also proposed a number of concessions, including applications
SAUJS on Wits support for 'Solidarity Week'
SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) National Chairman Natan Pollack issued a statement about the Johannesburg City's aligning with BDS and Wits' SRC to host a "Palestinian Solidarity Week". In a widely-circulated letter, Natan said that an "e-mail released by the University of the Witwatersrand on Wednesday announced the commencement of a Palestinian Solidarity Week hosted by the university’s Student Representative Council (SRC) . "SAUJS," he said, was" fully aware of the event as well as the many concerns of our members regarding it." Read what else he had to say...
SAUJS on Wits support for 'Solidarity Week', of the SRC is to promote the interests of all Wits students, not those which align with their own, of the Wits community while being opposed by others. This is a flagrant abuse of the SRC’s mandate. We commend the Wits SRC for not supporting the Israel Apartheid Week. However, it has become, constituents, calls on the Wits SRC to be fairly represented. We have no problem with hosting, Representative Council (SRC). The SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) is fully aware of the event as well
Habib could be walking on thin legal ice
On Monday, campus newspaper Wits Vuvuzela ran a story headlined “‘Abnormalities’ in policy for SRC president’s removal” in which they made the case that Dlamini’s removal may have been irregular. Their source: the deputy head at the School of Law at Wits, Mtendeweka Mhango. Read what Mtendeweka Mhango had to say - it seems that the SRC Constitution is a document frought with ambiguities and it will be interesting to see how that plays out between Prof Habib and Dlamini, pictured.
at Wits said Dlamini had been removed in accordance with the SRC Constitution. RIGHT: Habib, ‘Abnormalities’ in policy for SRC man's removal By Dana Da Silva, 18 May 2015 The dismissal of Mcebo Dlamini as SRC president was in line with the SRC constitution, as SRC president was in line with the SRC constitution, however there are “abnormalities” in the provision that was used, said the deputy head of the Wits School of Law. Dlamini was removed from his
SA student leadership visit Israel
Since the South African government made it de facto policy for senior government members to refrain from visiting Israel, South African political leadership has not been willing to risk the ostracism. But this tide may be turning.
African Union of Jewish Students, did a similar trip. ​ These 16 SRC members - from Wits, University, , secretary general of the University of Pretoria SRC, is now organising an Israeli Palestinian, who are from both sides - Israelis and Palestinians,” says Eckard. The 2014 SRC president, students were feeling unsafe and alienated, particularly after certain resolutions were taken by SRCs



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