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This is Tel Aviv entertainment?!



Lawrence Nowosenetz, Pretoria

•     The need for weed. It is claimed in the magazine that: “Telegrass has become Israel’s worst-kept secret. Whether you’re a tourist in need or just love your weed, whisper the magic word anywhere within a 10km radius, and you’ll be rewarded with a cannabis hook-up faster than you can say ‘wacky tabacky’.”

Isn’t this just the most edifying public service for the benefit of all visitors, including your children? What an advanced society of which we can all be so proud! How did we ever get by without a marijuana app? Time Out really knows how to showcase the best that Tel Aviv can offer. But if you think that’s a real wow, try the next one.

•     One night, zero regrets. The blurb below this headline gleefully proclaims: “The best Tel Aviv nightlife spots to score a one-night stand.” This article surveys the best clubs to find quick sex. It goes on to name one of them, saying it is “very difficult to leave this pub without a partner (or several) because it has the magnetic energy of a mass orgy waiting to happen”.

How wonderful is that? I am sure the readers of this newspaper will be delighted by such fine entertainment on offer.

I cannot imagine what the founders of Israel would say if they were aware what the Jewish State has become. How sleazy is this publication in purporting to promote legitimate entertainment and culture. These amenities may well exist and be brazenly promoted in other major world cities, but is this what the spirit and soul of Israel aspires to? Are there any Jewish values left even in a secular Jewish environment?



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