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Activism takes many forms, Mr Sackstein



Albert Glass

Times and circumstances have changed, Mr Sackstein! South African Jewry is certainly not slack in its efforts for and on behalf of the whole community. The criteria for activism is not only on the political front or support of the Struggle.

When Helen Suzman and others championed those oppressed, it was during an era when that was the right thing to do. Yes, we acknowledge and are thankful for their efforts. Now in 2014 we have moved on to activism on a different level and intensity.

Times have changed, people have changed and challenges have changed. And the Jewish community is certainly not slack in its relationships with the broader community. That is today’s activism!

Because one chooses to be active, but not from a political standpoint… still means activism! Being there for the community and being at the forefront of upliftment of the community, is activism and certainly does not find us wanting. 

The initiatives spearheaded by the Jewish communities around the country, are well-documented, so Mr Sackstein, before you make remarks like you have, be aware of the facts.

The South African Jewish community is an “involved” society within this country .Our record over decades speaks for itself. Ask any of our “enemies” about our involvement; they certainly perceive us as involved in all aspects of South African life… even if some of their thinking is far-fetched.

We who live here have chosen “life “ and are involved in giving life to others and are certainly not how Howard Sackstein thinks we are.

I do not think opinions such as those he expressed, serve any useful purpose, save only to infuriate those who are actively involved.

Sea Point, Cape Town

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