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Bev Goldman

Bev Goldman’s Opinion and Analysis



6-Bev Goldman BlogpicWeek ending 6 February 2014


1. Borderline views: Israeli citizens in a Palestinian state

David Newman, Jerusalem Post, 4 February 2014

For most of us it does seem a bit farfetched and fictional at this point in time but there is nothing like the familiarity of public discourse which makes previously unacceptable ideas, acceptable tomorrow.

2. Jordan says no to Kerry “conspiracy”

Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute, 4 February 2014

Kerry has managed to escalate tensions not only between Israel and the Palestinians, but also between Jordanians and the Palestinians inside Jordan.  Kerry will now have to find a way to calm King Abdullah and his constituents before Jordan slips into civil war.  “Jordan is playing host [to Palestinians] and no agreement can pass without Jordan.” — Fatin al-Baddad, Jordanian journalist.

3. US security assurances and the end of UN resolution 242

Shoshana Bryan, Gatestone Institute, 3 February 2014

Secretary Kerry the “bad cop” and Ambassador Indyk the “good cop” are threatening, cajoling and playing all the angles in an effort to create American Jewish leverage to replace the policies of the government of Israel with the policies of the Obama Administration.

4. Palestine’s peace bomb 

Steven Rosen, Foreign Policy, 31 January 2014

One of the key arguments of Israel’s “peace camp” is that, without a two-state solution, the state faces a “demographic time-bomb.” The contention is that perpetuating Israeli control over the growing Arab population of the West Bank will dilute Israel’s Jewish majority, until it is a de facto bi-national state.

5. Sharansky’s guide to the region’s human rights dilemmas

David Horovitz, The Times of Israel, 30 January 2014

The former Soviet dissident weighs in on the moralities of migrant refugee demands, putting settlers and Israeli Arabs in ‘Palestine,’ and Obama’s handling of the Arab Spring.

6. Three cheers for Scarlett Johansson’s stand

Brendan O’Neill, The Telegraph (London), 30 January 2014

Brilliantly, totally stealing Oxfam’s puffed-up thunder, Ms Johansson’s people issued a statement saying: “Scarlett Johansson has respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam after eight years.” Sassy Actress 1, Self-Important Moaners About Israel 0.


7. Israel needs to learn some manners

Avi Shlain, New York Times, 30 January 2014

In a normal country a defence minister who played fast and loose with such a crucial bilateral relationship would have been thrown out on his ear. But Israel is not a normal country.  

8. Palestinian workers back Johansson’s opposition to SodaStream boycott

Christa Bryant, Christian Science Monitor, 30 January 2014

Palestinians workers at the SodaStream factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank say they would be the losers of a successful consumer boycott of the fizzy-drink maker.

9. Obama’s flawed view of Muslim anti-Semitism

Michael Taube, The Washington Times, 28 January 2014

There are many things about Barack Obama’s presidency that have left a bad taste in America’s mouth. We can add another one to the list; namely, his astonishing lack of understanding about the history of Muslim anti-Semitism.


10. The limited allure of extremism

Richard Wike, CNN, 27 January 2014

When it comes to hearts and minds, al Qaeda and its ilk have repeatedly demonstrated that they have very limited appeal. Indeed, generally speaking, the more people are exposed to extremist violence and al-Qaeda-style rule, the less they like it.

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