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‘Brought shame on their profession & family’




Anthony Millar, of Norman Berger and Partners in Orange Grove, Johannesburg, in his current capacity of president of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP), has begun the process of liquidating Ronald and Darren Bobroff.

The pair, who were suspended from practising law in SA several months ago, are both expected to be finally struck off the role of attorneys at a December 6 hearing at the Pretoria High Court.

Millar AnthonySpeaking to JR Online on Wednesday, Millar outlined some of the latest developments in the ongoing skirmish between the now-disgraced attorneys, their profession and a myriad South African government authorities. These include SARS, the Hawks, the NPA, Road Accident Fund and others.

RIGHT: Law Society
President Anthony Millar

Millar says the LSNP is only acting for the profession and the clients. He says he is “shocked by the numbers that have come out” of the LSNP audits. When he started with this process after the Bobroffs skipped SA eight months ago – after promising to hand themselves over to the police – he “had no idea the extent and duration” of the alleged fraud, theft and money laundering.

“They have brought shame on their profession, their families and their community,” said Millar of the Bobroff father and son.

JR Online has up-loaded a PDF COPY OF NOTICE OF SEQUESTRATION for users to open, copy, print or e-mail. In the month since the notice of motion was issued, the amounts involved have grown exponentially and the LSNP is still unsure what the final figure will be.

The sequestration order was issued on behalf of two clients to the tune of R3,5 million. However, said Millar, another R16 million in definite claims will be added; while a further amount in excess of R100 million is under investigation by the LSNP.

Bobroff april pullquote

LEFT: Statement by one of the alleged victims who spoke to JR Online earlier this year

These amounts, says Millar, are purely those that involve claims to the LSNP from clients of the now-defunct Robert Bobroff and Partners Inc. They exclude the far larger amounts owed to business creditors and state authorities. The total amount owing, including the fines and penalties on unpaid taxes, is said to exceed R1 billion.

The purpose of the sequestration bid at this stage, says Millar, is “so that we can start unravelling the web of trusts and other vehicles they used to affect their nefarious activities.”

The papers were served on both Ronald and Darren Bobroff in Australia.

Bobroff Ronald April Full (2)Darren Bobroff signed for his copy at 11 Shannon Street, St Ives, Sydney. This is interesting as there has been much speculation about Darren’s purchase of the multi-million-dollar plush new family home.

RIGHT: Darren and Ronald Bobroff outside
a South African court earlier this year

Millar says the LSNP believes this to be Darren’s new home – although they do not have conclusive proof of this. JR Online will run a story on this house next week.

Ronald Bobroff has indicated that he will be entering an appearance to contest the case, while Darren has not. Ronald continues to claim to have evidence of complicity and a vendetta against his business.

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However, says Millar, Ronald will not be able to file affidavits and will have to testify personally on this “and put himself at the mercy of the court”. With an arrest warrant hanging over his head, should Ronald Bobroff return to South Africa for the liquidation hearing, he would likely be arrested at the airport.

Millar says that 99 per cent of the questionable dealings so far uncovered in the LSNP audit “were signed off by Darren Bobroff”.

The investigation into the matter is “ongoing and tragic” says Millar. “Unfortunately, we will never be able to turn back the clock”, he admits, and victims and their families are, and will continue to, suffer from inadequate medical care and compensation.

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