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Desai has taken his hate-mongering one treadmill too far



Sarah Cohen

It makes one remember “the Orange Farm Ball” when the fascists in BDS had to go and collect as many people as they could from Orange Farm [the informal settlement south of Johannesburg] and bus them in to “protest” in Sandton at a Jewish family fun day.

The unsuspecting people from Orange Farm were not even aware of the reasons why they were being used by BDS or what they were protesting about.

Perhaps Desai is bored or lacks attention; he feels he has to come up with new ways to pedal his hate and aggression, to divide people and cause friction in our overall peaceful rainbow nation.

Or perhaps he hadn’t done his laundry and really only had one T-shirt to wear to gym. Only one T-shirt with a false message that he knows is insulting and creates controversy and assists in the subliminal spread of radical Islamic ideology.

Perhaps his anti-gay T-shirt or anti-Christian T-shirts were also in the wash. Perhaps his T-shirt condemning the inhumane slaughter of 18 000 innocent people at the hands of Islamic jihadists is still being printed (see: ), or perhaps his T-shirt condemning the massacre of innocent Palestinians of Yarmouk in Syria by Islamic extremists. (Oh, no! They aren’t in Israel so it doesn’t count for his “human rights” watch).

The fact that he wore his only “clean” T-shirt and took a media team with him to gym, might be a slight hint that he was not there to use the step-machine to burn off his red velvet cupcake he bought from Woolworths.

It might be a hint that he went with one purpose: to cause chaos and poison a place that represents positive energy, health, and a safe haven – almost a retreat from the hectic lives we lead.

It is bad enough that he tries to turn peace and positive co-existence into chaos and hate; it is bad enough that he tries to destroy and poison university campuses, places of worship, retail outlets and tries to manipulate unsuspecting victims, now he has taken it one treadmill too far.

The previous request by Virgin to gym-goers not to wear T-shirts that had a specific or political message that could be offensive to anyone, was purposefully and maliciously used in the very unscrupulous and conniving game that propaganda minister Desai is skilled at playing.

Unfortunately for him, the rainbow nation, representing peaceful co-existence, freedom of religion, brotherhood and common understanding, won here. He will have to ty again and enter another race.



 This latter has been slightly shortened – Editor.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. nat cheiman

    Aug 26, 2015 at 11:51 am

    ‘BDS gets klapped quite often. Im surprised they still have the energy to carry on.
    \nPeople in SA (and worldwide) are gatvol of radical islam and those that support these movements against Jews and Israel.
    \nI said months ago that Desai is probably making this a business and his antics sell T- shirts in certain communities. Big deal. ‘

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