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Leaders & media have duty to promote aliyah



Choni Davidowitz

The editor’s analysis presents a very optimistic future for this community and points out the incredible contributions Jewish citizens have made in all fields of life. Indeed, the editorial does provide encouragement for young people to continue to thrive and prosper, and to get stronger.

I feel, however, that as “leaders”, the media play an important role in leadership; the editor has omitted to inform the community of one important fact: The Jews in the Diaspora are living in (voluntary) exile.

It might be true that we are thriving and prospering in this country as individuals, but as time moves on, the more “prosperous” we become, the more Jewish nationhood is shattered.

For nearly 2 000 years our ancestors prayed and dreamed of returning to Zion. Then when the State of Israel was re-established and we finally had the chance to return to our land, something went horribly wrong: Jewish communities, including ours, turned their backs on the opportunity. Instead of wanting to escape the exile, they choose to stay.

Space prevents me from citing the long list of drawbacks of living in exile. It is true that for many “mature” Jewish people who are long settled in their ways, the challenge of aliyah is not possible But any Jewish organisation or institution or federation, especially Torah leaders who do not exhort our youth to leave the Galut and build his or her future in Eretz Yisrael, betrays their duty as a Jewish leader.

By all means our current Jewish community leaders are to be praised for their sterling efforts in keeping the Jewish structures alive. At the same time they should know that the whole goal of the exile is to prepare the Jews for the prayed for return to Zion. This is the goal of our Torah and our prophets.

The Diaspora/exile isn’t meant to last forever. The curse isn’t meant to be extended and embraced. We are meant to come home.

The Jewish Report with its large influence on our youth, should be part of our leadership to not only praise this wonderful Jewish community, but also to inform it of its true goal. The rabbis are not doing it. The editor, can.



Golden Acres, Johannesburg

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. adam levy

    Aug 13, 2015 at 7:18 am

    ‘So when are you leaving. your hypocrisy is astounding. extolling the virtues of aliyah but staying comfortably in south Africa. as they say, the moral iq of both countries will benefit.’

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