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Mulder: only first-hand perspective can aid Mideast solution




What lends credence to the piece is that Mulder hasn’t tried to become an expert on a solution, after a weeklong “crash course” in Mideast policy. He counter-balanced objections made by Palestinians with “open questions” posed by Israelis. It is a piece devoid of venom or of blanket apportioning of blame to both sides.

He kicks off his article on an interesting note. If you live with the reality of a country “under siege” by militant groups in neighbouring territories, bomb shelters are so much part of your everyday existence that you don’t actually notice them, although they always are very much just under the surface of your subconscious mind.

“Why are there shelters about every 50 yards?” he asked his Israeli guide.

“Because it takes 22 seconds for a Hamas missile to travel from Gaza to here. You can’t move further than 50 yards in 22 seconds…”

Dr Mulder mentions a colourful “concrete snake” in a little play park. The children there know that if the message “tzeva adom”—group-picture.jpg” class=”sfImageWrapper”>Holomisa FULL - group picture
PICTURED ABOVE are Dr Pieter Mulder, Freedom Front Plus; the Rev Kenneth Meshoe of the ACDP; Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the IFP; Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat; Mosiuoa Lekota of Cope; Bantu Holomisa of the UDM; and Ben Swartz.

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Israeli Arabs complain that their ly Arab state. In Saudi-Arabia women are not even allowed to drive a motorcar!

Mulder said that Israelis and Arabs alike danguage, religion and culture don’t get the necessary recognition in Israel. “Why would you, as Arabs, then stay in Israel,” the group asked the complainants. Because in the Arabic countries surrounding Israel there is no real democracy, or freedom of expression, they told the mission.

Women in Israel have equal rights; it doesn’t exist in anon’t believe South Africa is able to teach them any lessons. Where Nelson Mandela visited both Israel and the Palestinian territories, it is pointed out, President Jacob Zuma’s government has shifted from pro-Palestinian to anti-Israel. Therefore South Africa has lost any credibility to play a part in solving the conflict.

But both sides believe there may well be a solution – with wise voices both sides of the spectrum – people with a clear mandate from their voters. But there also will have to be stable neighbouring states which at present do not exist.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Denis Solomons

    Oct 9, 2015 at 9:53 am

    ‘Wat weet ‘n boer van die probleme in die Midde-Oos ?

    Hy moet net aangaan met sy boerdery en seker maak dat ons ‘n goeie mielie oord hierdie sommer het !

    Miskien kan hy ook seker maak dat daar genoeg pampoene sal wees vir die vakansies .

    Jy weet die Afrikaners dink dat pampoen roomys is .’

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