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Threats don’t dampen excitement for Peres’ visit




Predictably, local anti-Israel activists have vociferously lobbied the National Prosecuting Authority to arrest Peres when he arrives here, as a war criminal and the communal leadership and embassy officials have similarly lobbied against it.

“This is a man of peace,” said Jewish Board of Deputies Vice-Chairman Zev Krengel this week. “There is no warrant for his arrest; this is merely a case of our enemies trying to bully us.”

Peres“For (those against Israel), whatever Mr Peres has to say is irrelevant – the very fact that he will be here as a representative of the hated ‘Zionist entity’ is enough for them to wish to silence him,” SAJBD National Chairman Jeff Katz, said.

Communal leaders say that they do not believe that any appetite exists on the part of South Africa to create a diplomatic incident. “For our part, we will strenuously oppose any attempts at censorship or intimidation and do everything we can to make the visit a memorable success,” Katz said.

“This, more than ever before, shows the real intentions of our enemies,” Krengel told Jewish Report. “No-one in Israel has done more for the Palestinians than Shimon Peres.”

The legendary Israeli pioneer will be on his second visit to this country.

Peres, even in the darkest times, has never wavered in his commitment to working for peaceful co-existence between Israel and her neighbours.

In addition to addressing the Jewish community on Sunday, Peres will be having a number of official and media interviews.

Police and security officials will be on hand to deal with any possible threats and tickets are still available for Sunday’s public address at R200 for adults and R100 for students and pensioners. To book, call Lisa on (011) 645-2503 or or Miriam on (011) 645-2531 and for venue and booking details.

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  1. Samuel

    Feb 25, 2016 at 10:11 am

    ‘So South Africa’s much vaunted Security Services or whatever couldn’t/wouldn’t arrest Bashar al-Assad while in the country a few years back,despite an international warrant of arrest issued by the ICC in the Hague or ban \”Palestinian\” heroine Leila Khalil from entering the country,what does Mohammed Desai of BDS have to say about these two incidence and why so keen on arresting Shimon Peres,if only someone would ask him ? ‘

  2. yitzchak

    Feb 25, 2016 at 10:47 am

    ‘בואך בשלום

    וצאתך בשלום

    An Al Bashir rerun??

    MRN? mamzerim, rubbish and neonazis! ‘

  3. nat cheiman

    Feb 28, 2016 at 9:53 am

    ‘Its that incompetent Tayob again purporting to understand the law . He tried the same trick with the Mavi Marmara incident and in concert with shannon ebrahim of the star ragpaper ( owned by lekbal surve),

    spewed out the same manure.

    They cannot arrest Mr Peres because there are no grounds. There is no competent court in SA to order an arrest warrant. Tayob, the purported attorney doesnt understand civil law in SA ( based on Roman Dutch law) as opposed to International Law . The guy perhaps is smoking on  a hookah and maybe is stoned . He fantasizes about arresting Israeli’s . Maybe he hasnt got enough legal work. But then, on the basis of legal opinions and threats, its no wonder.

    The man really is funny, he’s like a clown. Maybe one day I will meet him and ask for his autograph. ‘

  4. nat cheiman

    Feb 29, 2016 at 5:49 am

    ‘I forgot one important thing about shannon ebrahim. She is the offspring of ebrahim ebrahim ebrahim ebrahim ebrahim ( to infinity). He was foreign affairs minister and planted trees in Israel on behalf of SA government. What a lekker guy. Although he complained afterwards that it wasn’t him. Reminds me of arab negotiators trying to get their land back after the ’67 war.’

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