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Anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism inseparable



Gary Selikow

Israel is the object of the hate of “anti-Zionists”, Anti-Zionism is hatred of Israel and its people and not an ideology. In Israel you find the largest Jewish community in the world – 40 per cent of world Jewry.

Leftwing anti-Semitism revolves around the denial of Jewish nationhood and therefore of Israel’s right to exist, leading to a hatred of all Jews who affirm Jewish nationhood and particularly of all Jews who live in the Jewish homeland.

It also involves a gross Orwellianism whereby Israel is accused of genocide, when in fact the truth is that the Arabs and their allies are the ones pushing for the destruction of Israel and thereby a second Holocaust against Jews.

One possible reason why people isolate Israel from all the countries of the world, to deny it its right to exist, is because Israel is a Jewish state. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

Because anti-Zionism’s goal would lead to a second Holocaust against five million Jews, it cannot be distinguished from anti-Semitism.

As regards anti-Israel Jews such as Jewish Voices for a Just Peace and Jews in BDS, Open Shuhada Street , and the SACP, since ancient times the Jews have always been vulnerable to betrayal by the least satisfied people in their own ranks, seeking revenge on their own people for real and imagined slights.

From the collaborators who worked with the Greeks and Romans during the occupation of Israel by their empires, to the Yevsektsia in the Soviet Union and the Judenrat during the Holocaust, to the Jew-hating Jews of today with their bottomless hatred of Israel and its people, and their efforts to do Israel harm and encourage its genocidal foes like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian and Syrian regimes.

(To rival the Bund and the Zionists, the Soviets created the Yevsektsia of the Bolshevik party. Judenrat – German for Jewish Council – were administrative bodies during the Second World War that the Germans required Jews to form in the German occupied territories.)

One of the most unfortunate developments in the exile was the loathsome moser (informer), the negative counterpart of the shtadlan (intercessor) who intercedes with the authorities, who speak for the Jews to those in power. “The Jewish community was always hostage to its unhappiest members who stood to gain by serving the powers that be.”




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  1. Mordechai

    Jan 27, 2015 at 8:23 am

    ‘Hi Gary, I agree with you 100% that Anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism inseparable. This has been best illustrated during the course of the past year throughout the world. I have been out of S Africa for 25 years so please can you tell me why South African Jewry are such proud South Africans ? How on earth can they be proud of a country that is so anti the Jewish State of Israel? How can they look in the mirror and call them selves proud South Africans when the very country they are proud of is so Anti Israel. Please explain because I am at a loss to explain this’

  2. Mordechai

    Jan 27, 2015 at 8:30 am

    ‘Gary, I guess in a nut shell my question is simply : how on earth can any Jew call himself a proud South African.’

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