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Bet David Rabbi pitches in on Prog/BDS issue




I stand for SIT…

I have over the past week been inundated with requests as to my position on the so-called “BDS question”, my phone ringing constantly from colleagues and other interested parties, both near and far.

Rabbi Julia MargolisI think that we all need a paradigm shift in thinking here, we have for far too long (indeed for generations) focused on the dark clouds gathered around us. We are constantly bickering (between us and or our neighbours) either caught up in – or at the centre of – one conflict or another for either decades or millennia.

Rabbi Julia Margolis

Through generations we have been consumed with a vicious circle or spiral of generational guilt, hurt, anger and conflict. As a habit we now (the current generation) gravitate to this dark side of thought and relentlessly focus our energy and attention on “how to sweep the darkness out of the dark room” and indeed just who it is that is responsible for all this darkness, examining each dark cloud with the suspicion and contempt that each deserves.

I am not here suggesting a soft or ignorant stance on matters that require a firm hand. I proudly served in the IDF as an officer; I did my duty and expect others to do the same, but after all these generations, could there be another way? Or are we, and do we remain so caught up in our spiral of darkness, that we simply cannot even see, or think of – the light?

I watched a documentary recently, in which the narrator states that Mother Teresa was repeatedly requested to attend, indeed be at the forefront of “marches against either war or terror”. Mother Teresa declined on each occasion, eventually retorting, “ask me to attend a march for peace, and I will be there”. Could she perhaps see something that all those falling around her could not – could she have possibly seen the light, while all those around her could only see or discuss the darkness?

They asked me this week, one after the other about “BDS” and I reply – I have no interest to discuss it – I am only interested in “SIT.” What does SIT stand for they asked, simply thi, I replied: “Support, Investment and Trade.” The “BDS” you speak of, is the darkness to which I refer – I have no interest in it – I wish only to switch on the light, the antithesis of BDS is SIT, so let us focus our attention on the light for a minute.


Stop chasing our tails 

Is there not (much) more that both Israel and Jews around the world can (should) do to increase SIT? Should there not be funds that Jews around the world can invest in – should be encouraged to invest in?

Should our state not go out of its way to create awareness of such financial instruments or vehicles, perhaps apportioning a small percentage to something in the order of that wonderful organisation “Gift of the Givers”, providing a small portion to those more moderate and stable neighbours, not for the purposes of PR, but because this is just simply who we as a people are, and indeed what is in our hearts and nature to do.

Let us stop chasing our tails in the dark, let us for a change think (progressively) let us look (and indeed turn our attention) toward the light – let us reach out and switch it on. They ask me where I stand on BDS, I answer simply – I STAND FOR SIT.

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  1. Vivian

    Nov 20, 2014 at 7:48 am

    ‘Said very eloquently. Let the light in, it will automatically eradicate the darkness.’

  2. adam levy

    Nov 20, 2014 at 10:52 am

    ‘how enlightenining (no pun intended) considering the bigotry that is harboured within this paper.



    “Adam Levy” has consistently evaded attempts by the management of this website to make his identity known to us. We consider him “anonymous” and, while posting under a very Jewish name, is wont to be extremely anti-Israel  -ED



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