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Deisi brings IsRaction to SA for Chanuka




The above short DEISI video mainly shows the responses of UK participants
from last year. This year, DEISI has brought this wonderful event to South Africa

Defend Embrace Invest (in) Support Israel (DEISI) International “is proud to sponsor IsrAction Day, the world’s first do-it-yourself, Support-Israel, feed-the-hungry, beat-the-boycotts initiative that spreads the light of the Jewish festival of Chanukah at this festive time of year,” the organisation’s vice-chairman Mark Hyman told Jewish Report this week.

He says it is a simple, powerful and effective way to show you care about Israel: by building bridges, bolstering Israel’s economy and uniting Christian, Jewish and other communities everywhere in the principle of tikkun olam — repairing the world by helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Deisi IsRactionIsrAction Day was launched last year by Jewish and Christian activists in the United Kingdom which proved to be a great sucess.

This year, South Africa is helping make IsrAction Day a global phenomenon.

“Follow the three-step programme and watch how you can start making a difference — today!” said Hyman.

DEISI are also appealing to participants to take photos and post them on the DEISI IsrAction Day Facebook page – and watch the support come rolling in using Hashtag #ISRACTIONSA!

Deisi IsRaction HOME
The event poster, above, has all the details users may require to become part of this initiative

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