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Limmud prohibition a stupendous own goal



Rabbi’s assistant in orthodox shul, who requested anonymity

Limmud’s goal is to help participants “take their next step on their Jewish journey”. The Beth Din is ensuring that for the not already frum Limmud-attendee, it’s very unlikely to be a step towards a traditional Torah observant journey. You can’t win a war of ideas by running away.

The grounds for a blanket prohibition on all orthodox rabbis is puzzling, as there is no consensus across the orthodox world on this divisive matter. Our community rabbis are being dishonoured. Why should their congregations respect their rulings or pay them any heed if the dayanim (judges) treat them like children. No other community has done such a thing. Globally, Limmud is attended by orthodox Rabbis, haredi, non-haredi, chief and rosh yeshiva. The dayanim and the chief rabbi may believe this is inappropriate – and don’t have to attend – but to impose that viewpoint on all orthodox rabbis in South Africa, of diverse communities, talents, and hashkafot (meanings), is astounding.

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