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Tikun Olam Project TEN aims for the stars
Project Ten Durban's activities in its first two months show the incredible passion and creativity that this group of young Israelis is using to assist South African NGOs and government agencies in KZN.
Tikun Olam Project TEN aims for the stars, .” To communicate with Project TEN by email, click here: [email protected] Related Reads SEVEN MORE STORIES on Project TEN Durban on JR Online November 2016 Newsletter (PDF) December, that “I knew that Project TEN was something that JAFI and the South African Jewish community could, privileged than ourselves.” And have they ever… South Africa Director of Project TEN, Shani Silove, newsletter.” The Project TEN concept is based on Jewish volunteers who come for three-month
First cohort of 12 for Durban Project TEN
The Jewish Agency has set up it’s sixth ‘Project TEN’ enterprise in Durban, The first cohort of 12 Jewish volunteers arrived on Tuesday to join in the programme which cost R2-million to set up.
First cohort of 12 for Durban Project TEN, where the Jewish Agency has set up its sixth ‘Project TEN’ enterprise worldwide. (The word ‘ten, as Chicago – who arrived on Tuesday. GIMME TEN! Some of the new recruits having fun on Tuesday HANGING TEN: Relaxing at the Project TEN Bayit Tuesday evening The volunteers are all, and cost almost R2-mil to set up. Read much more about Project TEN and the crew in next week’s Jewish, of a township, I knew that Project Ten was something that the Jewish Agency and the South African Jewish
High fives for Project TEN in uplifting communities
Twenty-two-year-old Mor Ani has taken three months out of her studies in Israel to come and help those less fortunate in KwaZulu-Natal as a part of Project TEN, an international Jewish development programme that operates volunteer centres in developing areas.
High fives for Project TEN in uplifting communities, She chose to be a part of Project TEN because, she says, “I was told all about South Africa, , can learn.” Ani is one of the enthusiastic Project TEN volunteers in Durban, who, for the better), Project TEN operates in Oaxaca, Mexico; Gondar, Ethiopia; Winneba, Ghana; Namulanda, . At the same time, Project TEN fulfils the object of teaching Jewish leadership on the ground. Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, told Project TEN organisers and participants in Durban
Tikkun olam is the moving force behind Project TEN
“After my first experience of a township (in South Africa), I knew that Project TEN was something that the Jewish Agency and the South African Jewish community could do to make a difference for underprivileged communities in South Africa,” said Israel Centre shaliach Aviad Sela at the arrival of a group of young Israelis in Durban.
Tikkun olam is the moving force behind Project TEN, The Project TEN concept is based on Jewish volunteers who come for three-month rotations, for Project TEN Durban is to integrate with southern African non-governmental organisations (NGOs, underprivileged societies. Sela says it has taken time to plan the project, make the connections and put, making people’s lives better.” This is a completely new environment for Yarden Zornberg, Project TEN's director since its founding in 2012. He is more accustomed to setting up shop in the jungles
Yarden is driving force behind Project TEN
Yarden Zornberg has been Project TEN's director since its founding in 2012 by the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Yarden is driving force behind Project TEN, Since his appointment, Zornberg has been responsible for the establishment and ongoing development of seven Project TEN centres worldwide. He oversees all activities of the organisation’s headquarters and centres, including strategy and planning, staff training, fundraising, marketing, and participant recruitment. Prior to his employment with The Jewish Agency, Zornberg served as national director for “Acharai”, an Israeli NGO that empowers youth at-risk, imbuing them with critical life skills
Goldene Medina exhibition lands in Durban
After successful runs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, a unique exhibition has been touring the country and has landed in Durban, South Africa’s third largest Jewish community.
) that so many recall tenderly from their youth, as well as the schools, shuls and family structures so, to disperse some of the anti-Semitism that plagues our community.” The project has also attracted consular
'We're Am Yisroel' says Israeli Druze leader
Ataf Farchat, chairman of the Druze Zionist Council of Israel, says: “We are the nation of Israel.” Many Orthodox Jews last week attended the funeral of Zidan Saif, the Druze policeman mortally wounded in trying to stop the terror attack at the Kehilat Bnei Torah Synagogue in Har Nof on Tuesday. Jewish Report delved deeper. Who are the Druze. What religion do they follow? Where do they fit into the picture? Read this fascinating story…
. They are Muwahhidun, or unitarians, believers in absolute monotheism. The tenants of the faith, and their Arab neighbours, the Druze tended to ally themselves with other minorities. The practice, project of their own, autonomy and protected minority rights have always been paramount, community had been given such a political appointment. Politically, the Druze first tended to support
How 'The Red Tent' invented a new kind of fiction
Twenty years ago this summer, Anita Diamant - a freelance writer and author of several nonfiction books about Jewish practice, including "The New Jewish Wedding" - was awaiting the publication of her first novel.'the-red-tent'-invented-a-new-kind-of-fiction
How 'The Red Tent' invented a new kind of fiction, , the only daughter of Jacob and Leah. The book was called "The Red Tent". and it has since achieved, Lifetime miniseries starring Minnie Driver. But "The Red Tent" did not become a best-seller when it, , describing the difficulties she encountered in trying to find a literary agent to represent the project, spent about three years drafting "The Red Tent". Eventually it sold to St Martin's Press, and Diamant, ' presidents, both personal friends of Diamant. From there, word about "The Red Tent" spread
Why Israel is investing in Diaspora Jewish education
For decades, world Jewry helped Israel. Organisations gathered and sent funds to the feeble, small state; our air force and navy were formed and trained by Jewish volunteers from around the globe.
Birthright or Masa by at least tenfold. This caused people to ask why. “Why should our tax monies go, is also a strategic investment by Israel – because when you disengage from Judaism, you tend, to save a generation of Jews. Through Project Momentum, Campus Engagement and other projects, we
Herzlia goes to great lengths for cancer
Something wonderful happened at United Herzlia Schools on April 4, an event that epitomises everything that is taught there.
PHOTOGRAPH SUPPLIED Fifteen girls from Herzlia Primary, Middle and High School volunteered to cut their hair to make wigs for children suffering from cancer. This project was initiated by the Israel, this into the broader community and identified a child through the Reach for a Dream Foundation. This project, is of critical importance in any school, it is equally important that pupils learn the basic tenets of respect, . Michelle Scher, a counsellor at Herzlia Highlands Primary and co-ordinator of this project, put months


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