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Trump, Trumpism, and the danger of words
“The president is not directly responsible for acts of domestic terrorism, but he should be more careful with his language.” That’s the way the Economist headlined its report on the horrific Pittsburgh killings just more than two weeks ago.
Trump, Trumpism, and the danger of words, Its statement is probably a little soft on US President Donald Trump, but reasonable nonetheless. Or is it? Any cursory observer of United States politics and the Trump phenomenon will know, , and does not need a Trump to turn into a killing machine, it is naïve to assume that language, border of the US. That’s the least of it. Trump has persistently berated a free media, and defined, . The Pittsburgh killer, Robert Bowers, may well have snapped without Trump’s populist goading
Ku Klux Klan makes a ‘Trumpiant’ comeback
One puzzling aspect of this era is how to understand United States President Donald Trump. His administration has announced it will cut the last remaining channel of American aid to Palestinian civilians. This is the Conflict Management and Mitigation Program, which allows Palestinians – many of them youth – to interact with Israelis, through US funding managed by USAID.
Ku Klux Klan makes a ‘Trumpiant’ comeback, and Israeli girls, and bringing Israeli and Palestinian almond farmers together. Jared Kushner, Trump’s, that Trump has failed at diplomacy, that you don’t advance peace by cutting off programmes for tolerance, himself doesn’t believe? On the other side, Israelis are generally pleased with Trump. He has, Benjamin Netanyahu. To millions worldwide, however, Trump still appears the fool he has been, emblems, marched through the town. A man rammed a car into counter-protesters, killing a woman. Trump
The Russians trumping the Middle East game of chess
If politics is a game of chess and the board is the Middle East, then Russian president Vladimir Putin has undoubtedly checkmated his opponents - none of whom is as important to him as the United States.
The Russians trumping the Middle East game of chess, numerous times. Moscow similarly ran rings round President Trump's team. And what of Saudi Arabia? Russia
Trump meets Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to stride in through the White House front door. President Donald Trump is not going to grimace while Netanyahu lectures.
Trump meets Netanyahu, was real enough. And now, it’s going to be all good. What did President Trump say last month on Fox News, .” And what was it Bibi said on Twitter on Inauguration Day? “Congrats to my friend President Trump. Look, .” There’s greater agreement between Netanyahu and Trump in areas that dogged the Obama-Netanyahu relationship. Both Trump and Netanyahu have said the Iran nuclear deal is a bad one, and Trump’s White House, and Trump likely to agree and where could it go wrong? Iran Where they agree: Both of them think
Views on the Trump-Netanyahu meeting
The jury is out on whether the recent discussions between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Donald Trump was positive or not for Israel. Here are some of the comments from media around the world this week.
Views on the Trump-Netanyahu meeting, agree to end the conflict. President Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he mentioned the possibility, , International Affairs and Israel Studies, Northeastern University, in The Conversation: President Trump, building had to stop. The Trump administration, by contrast, looks likely to adopt a more permissive, : Directly after the meeting, Trump said he didn’t mind which solution was reached, as long as it, . The Times of Israel: Netanyahu hailed the success of his talks with President Trump, as the start
US’s most controversial Trump supporter
British-born Milo Yiannopoulos was forced to resign from Breitbart News, a far-right wing news site in the United States two weeks ago, over comments he made that appeared to endorse sex between “younger boys” and older men.
US’s most controversial Trump supporter, Yiannopoulos was a virtual unknown until he started campaigning for Donald Trump pre-elections and publicly standing up to the anti-Trumpers. He is an enigma who thrives on ultra-right rhetoric. He, and calls Trump “Daddy”. His father is half Greek, half Irish, while his mother is British. Although he, linked to the notorious right wing website and his former boss Steve Bannon’s - close link with Trump, first as an election adviser as chief political strategist and since Trump’s election, filling
Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ not that great
United States (US) President Donald Trump calls his much-anticipated plan to jump start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process the “deal of the century”. But right now, it’s looking anything but that.
Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ not that great, could love … Everyone will find something to hate about the proposal.” Even Trump admits that Pompeo, government two weeks ago. New elections have been called for in September. Trump is none too pleased, September? That’s ridiculous. So we’re not happy about that.” Last September, when Trump met, .” Trump held off on unveiling it until after Israel’s 9 April elections, counting on Netanyahu to win, again – for the same reasons. It’s unlikely Trump will want to unveil it while Israel heads
Interesting friends of Israel and Trump
I am in Buenos Aires to report on the G20 world leaders summit. It has been a diplomatic test for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. It was his first international gathering after a damning Central Intelligence Agency report blamed him for ordering the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October.
Interesting friends of Israel and Trump, He needn’t have worried. British Prime Minister Theresa May threatened that she would push him on his role in the murder, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that her country would not export arms to the Saudi Kingdom in the current “uncertain” climate. However, American President Donald Trump welcomed him warmly to the Argentinian capital. Trump’s thinking is clear. Riyadh is important to the United States because of the huge number of deals it has signed with US defence contractors
Meet the Jews in Donald Trump's administration
American Jews are watching the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency with both fear and hope.
Meet the Jews in Donald Trump's administration, and a disdain for “political correctness". Those fears intensified when Trump named as his chief, to as a "platform" of the alt-right. Trump's strongly conservative Cabinet picks also back policies, of most Jewish voters. Others have praised Trump's stance on Israel and his nomination of David Friedman, -state solution, as US ambassador to Israel. Trump won 24 per cent of the Jewish vote, with especially strong support in the Orthodox community. The president's Jewish advisers: Jared Kushner Trump's
Trump: No Palestine, Jerusalem not PA capital
In a new blog published today entitled ‘Trump’s team to PA: There is no Palestine, Jerusalem is not your capital’ – Ant Katz ponders the style of the Trump/media communications. But, he says, editors have to accept the unacceptable. He illustrates it in this story today: “There is no Palestine, and Jerusalem is not your capital… we would consider a US diplomatic mission in Ramallah...” READ THIS!
Trump: No Palestine, Jerusalem not PA capital, “As a news-person, the only ‘attributable’ statements he ever makes are on twitter – and yesterday just one of those which caused lawmakers’ phones to ring off their hooks and it stopped Congress in its tracks,” writes Katz. But, as the report reads, Trump has recently been in contact with the Palestinian Authority (PA) on how to proceed with diplomatic negotiations. Trump is said to have, Jerusalem and one for Israel in the west side of the city. Trump replied as follows






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