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Short-sighted decision takes us backward



Herbert Rajak, Johannesburg

I also admire it for the way it appeals to many young people who don’t only attend its events, but participate actively and passionately.

I was disappointed to read in the SA Jewish Report (21 June) that the Beth Din has reinforced the decision made by the South African Rabbinical Association and the chief rabbi to forbid South African orthodox rabbis from teaching or lecturing there, and that they have extended the ban to the wives of rabbis.

I want to see my rabbi as well as other distinguished South African rabbis, including our chief rabbi, at Limmud. I want to see my rabbi teach at Limmud.

This ban is not just an own-goal for the Beth Din, it causes yet more division in our community. Our numbers are not growing. South African Jewry should be immensely proud that they are able to offer Sinai Indaba and Limmud to the community as opportunities to come together and learn.

Short-sighted decisions by the Beth Din take our community backwards, not forward, and they force us apart rather than bring us together. 

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