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Ending of my ChaiFM contract not Kathy Kaler’s fault




I would like to correct some slight misconceptions. I was never dismissed without warning, from ChaiFM. When I was employed, I had an agreement with station manager Kathy Kaler that it would just be a month-long trial. I was having constant discussions with Kathy all along, whether “I am the right person for the job” and “whether Kathy can handle the complaints coming in”.

We were both cognisant of the fact that there were complaints coming in and we were looking at how it was developing.

Kathy indicated to me at the beginning that she can handle the complaints. After six shows, she called me and said she can’t handle it, and “needs her life back”. She claimed she was being inundated with calls, e-mails, and being accosted while shopping.

She also claimed that the ChaiFM studio SMS line was being clogged up with the same rhetoric.

I very graciously accepted the situation, agreed to do the last show the next day, and we parted ways very amicably. Of course I was very disappointed and frustrated, as I felt the complaints coming in were based purely on my reputation and had nothing to do with anything that was said on the show.

At no point while I was presenting for that short period, did the station manager indicate any problems with my on-air performance. In fact she was very happy and said the shows were “better than alright”. I was told numerous times, how much she enjoyed my shows. “You are very funny, entertaining, and easy to listen to,” she said.

At issue here, and what was mainly discussed at the JVJP event, was the Jewish community, not ChaiFM. The fact that I am unjustifiably regarded as a total pariah, anti-Zionist, anti-Semite, etc; is the central point being highlighted.

This is not an issue of unfair dismissal or any criticism towards ChaiFM. In fact I commend Kathy Kaler very much for trying me out, but the truth must prevail. A small sect within the community put a lot of pressure to have me out, for no justified reason.

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