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Furore over chief justice the height of hypocrisy



Much criticism has been aimed at the judiciary these past months, stemming predominantly from some high-ranking African National Congress (ANC) officials who obviously see the rule of law in South Africa’s democracy as at odds with their views and political agendas.

But these same folk will hypocritically voice support for the judiciary when it suits their narrative, and here, the ruling of the Judicial Conduct Commission (JSC) to force an apology from the chief justice for personal remarks that he made, which in anyone’s views were totally inoffensive and in fact supported peace, seems offensive in certain quarters.

The JCC, indeed, needs to reflect on its own actions regarding Judge John Hlope, who is the judge president of the Western Cape High Court. Isn’t hypocrisy designed to favour the hypocrite?

The chief justice has ruffled some feathers through his honesty, and the call for an apology is a vindictive way at getting to the judge. But isn’t it strange that, given the way in which the ANC has mismanaged every aspect of the country from corruption, to botched COVID-19 vaccines, crime and everything it touches, it creates issues to deflect from its failures?

The ANC government and its foreign policy is completely out of step with its African brothers, their BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) partners, and many in the Arab world, where they have cemented strong ties with Israel to the undeniable benefit of their people and countries generally. It’s only South Africa, which is bending to an archaic agenda out of place in this modern progressive world. So, countries like Rwanda and others are far outstripping South Africa in many fields.

But the ANC blindly forges ahead with an ideology fashioned on the likes of Cuba and Venezuela. Here, we have a tiny group of activists who have such a disproportionate influence on ANC policy that it must sound alarm bells for the direction that the country is heading. It seems that minority is blind to the real problems facing this country, more so during this pandemic that has caused such devastation. These bigots care less about the starving millions and jobless hoards than missing the bus, shame on them!

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