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Jewish ‘fools’ give ample ammunition to Israel’s enemies




To argue with a fool is an exercise in futility. Here are some hard, irrefutable facts. The Arabs (so-called Palestinians) desire, nay, insist upon the total annihilation of Israel and the death of all Jews. This is no secret and is there for anyone to see.

They foster hatred in their schools, from nursery school upwards, in their writings, their sermons, their radio and TV. This was clearly manifested in Gaza when, the moment Israel evacuated Gaza, they destroyed every last vestige of Jewish living including the greenhouses donated by Jewish philanthropists.

These greenhouses provided work and a lucrative source of foreign revenue, but they would have nothing to do with Jewish tainted endeavours; one may say, cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

They do not recognise the existence of Israel which they designate as the “Zionist Entity” and will not even show Israel on their maps. Is there any clearer indication of their most heartfelt desire?

While we are about it, let us talk about Zionism which has become a pejorative word. The early Zionists were courageous people who came to a barren land and in the face of tremendous hardships and dangers, transformed it into a “land of milk and honey”.

They drained swamps, transformed rocks and boulders into arable land bearing rich crops.

They brought water to the desert. They brought technology and modern science to this backward land. They built a country for the most persecuted people the world has ever known. In short, they were and are heroes.

The present-day Israelis are fighting for their very existence. They are using every means of self-defence available to them and who is not entitled to defend themselves? It would appear, only Israel.

Yes, in a war, unwarranted and ugly incidents will occur but, unlike the Arabs, the Israelis do not celebrate the deaths of their opponents, rejoicing in the streets.

So let us return to the fools. There are elements within our Jewish communities who do not appear to understand the realities of the Israeli situation. They do not understand or they do not wish to understand or, worst of all they are in full agreement with those who wish to annihilate Israel.

These fools are very useful to the Arabs who can point to them and say to the world: “Look, even many Jews agree with us.” And, in the end, when they have killed all the Jews, then they can turn around and kill these Jews as well for they are still Jews.

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