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Reform Judaism is a religion based on convenience



Eli Knight

Yes, there are some fences which rabbis with knowledge of the entire Torah and all life sciences set, but there is even a hint in the Torah for those. Reform rejects even what’s written in the written Torah, so this is just an excuse to justify a religion based on convenience whereas Orthodox adds to it; which do you think is more authentic?

I have a few questions on Rabbi Schell’s understanding: Firstly, even before Sinai there were seven Noachite laws which contained an unsaid command to do good, proof being that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for being selfish.

Secondly, if everyone starts basing their philosophies on what they think is good, then there is no true good as everyone has his own interpretation of what good is. For example, Hitler’s ideology of good is outlined in Mein Kampf. Al Capone thought he was good.

Legalising abortions, or as others may see it as babies that haven’t yet left the womb, is an example of how a misguided will to do good can lead to even murder of babies or the elderly, under the pretext of merciful population control. What seems abhorrent to us today can be the norm tomorrow. Only G-d in a clearly defined Torah can define what good is.

Those believing I’m horrible for claiming Reform leaders do not possess the knowledge to warrant being called rabbi, will also have to call Moshe horrible. Korach was the first Reform Jew according to Rashi.

Korach’s claim was that Moshe made up a lot of the Torah and brought into it logical inconsistencies, for instance proclaiming that if we have a room of Troas and Seforim why do we need a mezuzah which contains but a small fraction thereof and if my entire garment is techiles (the dye used on one of the tzitzit which was the highlight of the tzitzit mitzvah) that I don’t now need tzitzis.

Moshe giving up a life of luxury to identify with the enslaved Jews and even willing to sacrifice himself, proclaimed in this week’s parsha: Forgive the nation or wipe my name from Your book, after the sin of the golden calf. But when it came to Korach, he organised that he be swallowed up by the ground. Why? Not because of his own ego because we see Moshe was the humblest of men.

Nevertheless, we see that Korach’s children repented at the last moment and lived; one of his descendent being the great prophet Shmuel.

This shows the great potential of every Jew exemplified by the way Reform Jews excel at kindness and charity, but who will bear the responsibility of fettering their souls by limiting their spiritual growth to a few mitzvot and a diminished Torah, when, if they had access to a rich Torah and 613 mitzvot, their spiritual accomplishments like those of Shmuel would be enormous.

For even if Orthodox Jews sin, they are on a path with much more potential for spiritual greatness.



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  1. Hans

    Feb 28, 2016 at 8:51 am

    ‘So Eli, please explain why you ‘conveniently’ ignore the ‘stoning on the adulterous couple’ AND ‘stoning of ‘rebellious son’?? And you talk of convenience…..what a hypocrite – siting in your Ivory tower looking down on others? Just look in the mirror!?? It is the word of God – you must obey.’

  2. Shimon

    Feb 28, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    ‘Eli, so you believe that that your soul will be unfettered because you do not limit your spirital growth to a few mitzvot? So why are you being ‘selective’ in ignoring the stoning of adulterous woman? As Hans stated, you are a hypocrite; at least the Reformists are not hypocrites’

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