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The artist behind the superb Rosh Hashanah cover




She says the most important mitzvah on Rosh Hashanah is to recognise the greatness of Hashem and declare His Kingship over the entire world  

“It is only when we have deeply internalised this reality that we can move on towards Yom Kippur and do the personal work needed to do teshuva and return to Hashem our King.”


On the Rosh Hashanah cover, a holy Jew heralds the coming of Mashiach with the sound of the shofar. The verse above him reads: “G-d has ascended with the blast, Hashem with the sound of the shofar… For Hashem is supreme, awesome, a great king over all the earth”. (Tehillim 47)

“This year, more than ever may we focus our prayers on the coming of Mashiach and the building of the third and final Temple. May it be speedily in our days.”



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