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Victims must find strength to challenge abusers



Michele Engelberg, Johannesburg

Speaking to the abused, look inside yourself. You know this is not resonating with the person you were meant to be. We are all created in G-d’s image; we are his children. He loves each of us. We are not meant to be abused and put down. The abusive situation is restricting you. It’s damaging you. It’s chipping away at your essence.

Take a step towards change. Challenge your abuser – if not for yourself, then for your children, present or future – so that they can see that there is a standard according to which people, especially married people, are meant to treat each other. Otherwise, they are likely to fall victim to similar hurtful, unfulfilling relationships. Abusive relationships. You wouldn’t want that for them.

Seek out the help of organisations that are tasked with helping abused women. Take self-defence classes to empower yourself.

Take the step. Seek help. Empower yourself.

Because, as the letter writer concluded, “Enough is Enough!” 

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