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Bev Goldman

Opinion & Analysis: Week ending 13 Nov 2013



(1)       John Kerry’s ‘third intifada’

David Keene, Washington Times, 10 November 2013

 One of the dirty little secrets of American politics is that most senators don’t do much. They talk to each other, to the media and to their constituents. They can and do say whatever will get them the attention they crave because very little they say is remembered from one news cycle to another.

 (2)       It’s not anti-Jewish to oppose Israeli occupation of Palestine

Neeshan Balton, Politicsweb, 10 November 2013

Neeshan Balton says that as SA’s history has demonstrated, retreating into ethnic laagers does not make the issues go away.

 (3)       The looming bad deal on Iran

Alan Johnson, World Affairs Journal, 7 November 2013

Iran seeks a grey area in which to work, staying just the right side of the red lines set by Israel (a bomb’s worth of uranium enriched to 20%) and the US (a decision to build the bomb), while increasing enrichment capability, immunizing facilities from attack, and shortening the time necessary for breakout (or weaponizing) after a decision to do so is taken.

 (4)       The idea of a Jewish state is itself democratic: an interview with Tal Becker.

Toby Greene, BICOM, 6 November 2013

Most Israeli Jews see the Jewish character of the State of Israel primarily in national and cultural terms. They want Israel’s character preserved as it was conceived by Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948 and the UN Partition Plan of 1947. That is a Jewish majority state in which non-Jewish citizens enjoy full and equal citizenship, as befits a democracy.

(5)       The good news – and the bad – for Avigdor Liberman
Haviv Rettig Gur, The Times of Israel, 6 November 2013

The old-new foreign minister is returning triumphantly to the political summit. Now he faces a whole new set of problems.

(6)       Only talking heals wounds of war
Allan Massie, The Scotsman, 6 November 2013

Arabs must soften their hard line stance if there is to be any realistic solution to the Middle East crisis, writes Allan Massie.

(7)       Yes, Minister Lapid, Israel can be both Jewish and democratic
Gil Troy, Jerusalem Post, 5 November 2013

Judaism can welcome democracy today more than it did 3,000 years ago. In fact, many theorists root democracy in Judaism and the Bible.

(8)       Holocaust remembrance: New tool for anti-Semitism?
Peter Martino, Gatestone Institute, 4 November 2013

One shocking aspect of the new wave of anti-Semitism is that the remembrance of the Holocaust is being abused to propagate anti-Semitism and feelings of hatred against Israel — the state that the Jewish people established in order to protect themselves against future holocausts.

(9)       Total frustration
Editorial, Oman Tribune, 4 November 2013

To put it succinctly, Israel does not want a viable free Palestinian state. Israel wants Palestine to be its colony with its people at its mercy forever. Adding to all these monstrous demands are the continuing Israeli provocations by building more settlements.


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