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Scepticism about ANC committee wooing Jews




Gary Selikow of Johannesburg writes:

In the light of the new ANC committee set up to “connect with the Jewish community”, will they ask their allies in Cosatu to retract their statements that they will make lives for “Zionists” hell?

Yes, I know the mantra will follow that “not all Jews are Zionists”, but most of us are. At any rate, the Not in My Name/Jewish Voices/Open Shuhada Street/Burn Israel brigade, are no doubt all ANC diehards who would never dream of voting anything else.

Will the committee allow us to visit Israel, our ancestral homeland, without harassment and will it tell its student affiliates at Wits to allow our fellow-Jews, who were born in Israel, to visit Wits University without being assaulted or abused? Best of all, perhaps we can go one day without hearing an ANC official or government minister engaging in hate speech against Israel and her friends.

The ANC, let us not forget, adopted a resolution at Polokwane supporting the vile BDS as a party. The founder of BDS, Mustafa Bhargoutti, has said himself that the aim of BDS is the “euthanasia of Israel”, in other words a second Holocaust.

Nazi Germany also began its campaign to annihilate the Jews of Europe by economic boycotts of Jewish businesses and today the modern-day equivalents of the Nazis wear not brown shirts but keffiyahs and red, white, green and black colours, as they try to terrorise shoppers and shop workers in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Cape Town, not to buy or sell Israeli goods.

Stave out the Jews. Make sure the will of the Jewish people is sapped by seeing their children go hungry!

Ironically, the same people who urge boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, also caterwauled against sanctions on Iraq during the bloody rule of their hero, Saddam Hussein, crying that it caused the starvation of children. They were enraged by the alleged hunger of Iraqi children, but support the starvation of Israeli children.

But we are not allowed to call them anti-Semitic!


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