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Don't take us for fools, Mr Mcebo Dlamini
Capetonian Zionist Mike Berger on Politicsweb today: “What the Wits SRC really admires in Mugabe and Hitler is their hatreds and ruthless cruelty” – an open letter to Mcebo Dlamini't-take-us-for-fools-mr-mcebo-dlamini
Don't take us for fools, Mr Mcebo Dlamini, Dear Mr Mcebo Dlamini I together with some friends, all of us white and most of us Jewish, a feeling of vulnerability. RIGHT: Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini To explain, of us for fools Mr Dlamini, when we all know that what you admire in these two dictators, in the interview? Have you ever heard of “projection” Mr Dlamini? It is the process whereby you, . But the choice is stark: your path, Mr Dlamini, will lead to the utter ruination of South Africa. You may have
Board not done, not by a long shot
Wits decides “I Love Hitler” is free speech, SAJBD “remains convinced” comments not constitutional. Their hate speech cases continue at SAPS & HRC
office announced that sacked Students Representative Council (SRC) head Mcebo Dlamini’s statements, The Board’s announcement, verbatim: Jewish Board will pursue hate speech cases against Mcebo Dlamini, PREVIOUS REPORTS ON WITS SRC PROJECT-W DISTANCES ITSELF FROM WITS SRC MORE ON MCEBO DLAMINI , remains convinced that Mr Dlamini’s comments are not protected by the Constitution,” said the Board, procedures against Dlamini, the Wits University Legal Office expressed the view that Mr Dlamini’s
Habib could be walking on thin legal ice
On Monday, campus newspaper Wits Vuvuzela ran a story headlined “‘Abnormalities’ in policy for SRC president’s removal” in which they made the case that Dlamini’s removal may have been irregular. Their source: the deputy head at the School of Law at Wits, Mtendeweka Mhango. Read what Mtendeweka Mhango had to say - it seems that the SRC Constitution is a document frought with ambiguities and it will be interesting to see how that plays out between Prof Habib and Dlamini, pictured.
The dismissal of Mcebo Dlamini as SRC president was in line with the SRC constitution, for arbitrary used of power” according to a legal expert. The decision to remove the Mcebo Dlamini, ” in the provision that was used, said the deputy head of the Wits School of Law. Dlamini was removed from his, at Wits said Dlamini had been removed in accordance with the SRC Constitution. RIGHT: Habib is unable to hide his anger as Dlamini lets off steam “However, it is important to mention
HETN labels Habib, Wits (Jewish) ‘puppets’
Anti-Semitic rant condemns Wits for “succumbing to the demands of the Jewish funders.” Higher Education Transformation Network particularly singles out Habib for removing SRC president Dlamini – despite the fact that Dlamini’s removal relates to an incident of thuggery in 2014 which has no connection to the Jewish community. By “capitulating to the interests of Jewish funders … Prof Habib has in our opinion, rendered himself a puppet” who, said HETN, sacrificed “Dlamini on the altar of political correctness”.
Mcebo Dlamini, posted on Facebook “I Love Hitler” and has now built a following of over 5 000 as he, of support to make contributions to the ‘Defend Mcebo Dlamini Fund’ for legal costs to mount, leader, Mr Mcebo Dlamini through succumbing to the demands of the Jewish funders and alumni interests, of student Mr Mcebo Dlamini on the altar of political correctness. LEFT: Wits VC Prof Adam, to the “Defend Mcebo Dlamini Fund” for legal costs to mount a strong legal challenge against Wits
Wits Jews watching newly-released Dlamini
Jewish students and faculty members have expressed concern after the Hitler-loving leader of the Wits #FeesMustFall movement, Mcebo Dlamini, was released on R2 000 bail by the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge last week, effectively overturning his denial of bail by the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court earlier this month. See him addressing his followers...
Wits Jews watching newly-released Dlamini, ABOVE: Mcebo Dlamini addressing hundreds of #FeesMustFall supporters outside court after being granted bail last week Wearing his trademark keffiyeh over his shoulders in the court, Dlamini, who, . RIGHT: Mcebo Dlamini wearing his trademark keffiyeh in court last week After being freed, did not want to be named, citing their desire to try to reconcile with Dlamini and persuade him, arrest (Dlamini spent 21 days behind bars), the infamous “Kill a Jew” and “F*** the Jews” graffiti
"I Love Hitler" comments "free speech" -Wits
Wits closes the Dlamini/Hitler case deeming the comments free speech - but “abhorrent” and “not in standing with (Wits’) values.” However, the SA Jewish Board of Deputies’ has no intention of dropping their criminal and SA Human Rights Council charges regarding the event.
Mcebo Dlamini on Tuesday. Pictured above and right: Mcebo Dlamini Among these were: The decision that the “I Love Hitler” statements by Dlamini met the Constitutional requirements, ’ Representative Council (SRC) President, Mr Mcebo Dlamini. There were two charges relating to events, confirmed VC Habib’s decision to require Dlamini to stand down from the SRC but remain a student, Dlamini’s ‘Hitler’ comments. After complaints were received, the University's Legal Office
“I love Hitler” says Wits SRC president
SA's Jewish students, under the leadership of SAUJS Chairman Natan Pollack, pictured left, are seeking the "harshest action possible” against anti-social SRC head Dlamini. And, it seems, Wits' no-nonsense VC Prof Adam Habib is not planning on taking any prisoners either. This is at least the third time this year that Dlamini has fallen foul of the Wits administration. None of the cases are closed and one alleges the use of SRC funds to support BDS-SA, IAW and Palestine Solidarity Week. With everyone except BDS so fed up with him, his days may be numbered...
Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Mcebo Dlamini, has caused a huge controversy, organisation SAUJS. RIGHT: Mcebo Dlamini: He thought he was king of the Campus, now he may find himself clowning on the streets Dlamini is also the subject of several other investigations, referring Mcebo Dlamini for investigation to see whether disciplinary charges should be brought, (who sent millions to death camp), for his ‘charisma’ and ‘organisational skills’.” Dlamini is now
Habib looks livid as 'I Love Hitler' problem grows
Controversial University of Witwatersrand (Wits) Students Representative Council (SRC) president Dlamini’s “I love Hitler” debacle is refusing to go away. Dlamini was ‘removed’ by vice-Chancellor Prof Adam Habib on 4 May (for an offence unrelated to the Hitler comments). Habib plays it deftly and says he dislikes Israel but that does not influence his attitude towards Jews. New trouble could be brewing for Habib, however, based on legal opinion from Wits' own Law School and published in their own campus newspaper... SEE VIDEO OF DLAMINI ON E-nca
of University of Witwatersrand (Wits) Students Representative Council (SRC) President Mcebo Dlamini, ABOVE: Dlamini tries to justify his "I Love Hitler" statement in an E-nca interview, as Dlamini lets off steam Here’s how events rolled out this week: In a well-considered, of Dlamini and openly answered all of his critics in his blog titled “Let us not become what we have, our liberation itself,” he wrote. RIGHT: Dlamini in front of Wits' Great Hall Just two days
Coming up tomorrow, be sure to come back
Fast-moving mobilisation of anti-BDS forces in ANC and momentum grew on Wednesday. See what's up for Thursday.
processes. Other news for tomorrow: Hitler lover, Mcebo Dlamini, threatens to sue Habib if he
Quiet campus is only a lull in the ongoing fees battle
Over the last two years, activism on university campuses has grown in urgency, volume and size. There may be a perceived calm on campuses such as Wits, but the question a lot of people are asking is - where do we go from here? Put differently, what is the future of our universities?
Looking back over the last seven weeks of the #FeesMustFall 2016 movement does not lead to easy conclusions. The University of the Witwatersrand is the home of Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib, perennial student activist Mcebo Dlamini and Shaeera Kalla. Wits has a special place in this conversation because this is where the movement was born and this is where many of the prominent voices, clearly not got what they set out to fight for. The fight for them is not over. Mcebo Dlamini awaits

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