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MDA return to Nepal for more babies
After yesterday's second Quake in Nepal, MDA Israel has just advised JR that that they are going back to fetch more babies. A delegation is being sent to Nepal on Wednesday afternoon to retrieve a new lot of babies which are currently being kept in a heated van outside of any buildings due to the fear of their collapse. MDA’s joint delegation departs from Ben Gurion airport heading for Kathmandu at 3.45 this afternoon. SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP...
MDA return to Nepal for more babies, The statement from MDA to Jewish Report reads as follows: UPDATE: after evaluation of the current situation in Nepal, MDA Director General Eli Bin has confirmed that an MDA joint delegation, a Neonatologist, ER nurse specializing in premature babies, and MDA paramedics. The mission of the delegation, due to the fear of their collapse. MDA is continually coordinating with the relevant authorities, Online… 150 ISRAELIS STILL NOT ACCOUNTED FOR JOINT UP AND RUNNING ON NEPAL DISASTER MDA BRINGS
SAJR readers click their support for MDA
Jewish Report readers have so far collected around R80 000 for Israel’s emergency first-response service in the SAJR/MDA Click-Athon. And, over the past week, readers have contributed almost R7 000 for a new MDA ambulance which will carry the name of the first soldier to fall. Now, readers are clubbing together to buy a first-responder, three wheeled bike as well.
SAJR readers click their support for MDA, the Jewish Report Online’s story about MDA’s need last week, that they immediately called MDA Chairman, this week, MDA really needs South African Jewry’s help. No matter how big or how small the donation; the MDA-SA and the Jewish Report Online have teamed up to make it hassle-free. One click and it’s, , contact Beulah Hyman, MDA-SA executive secretary, at all hours (except on Shabbos) on the special SAJR/MDA hotline at 079 718-2471 donations for their special ambulance fund. To date, MDA-SA’s special
MDA/Israel humanitarian aid for Madagascar
In the wake of a devastating cyclone and torrential rain that hit Madagascar in February, Israel, through the auspices of Mashav, the Israeli Agency for International Development Co-operation, sent a shipment of concentrated food to disaster-stricken communities on the island. MDA-SA's chair, Mark Hyman, was recently elected a vice chair of the national executive of the SAZF.
MDA/Israel humanitarian aid for Madagascar, Gil Haskel. Enter MDA-SA It was decided that the most effective aid would be provision, South Africa, the Israeli Medical Emergency Service in South Africa (MDA-SA) and their chairman, CLICK HERE to read some of the 99 other MDA content items on this website
MDA-SA’s ambulance to carry first name
During a teleconference of all MDA “Friend” societies globally this morning, it was decided that diaspora supporters of Israel’s medical emergency and ambulance service would donate 64 ambulances in November – one for each of those who lost their lives in Operation Protective Edge. And SA will have pride of place - in part thanks to Jewish Report readers. Our ambulance will bear the name of the first soldier who fell. Read more, see how you can help...
MDA-SA’s ambulance to carry first name, of the fallen. As a result of SA Jewry’s disproportionately high contribution through MDA-SA, the SA-donated, Staff Sergeant Eitan Barak. To date, MDA-SA’s special “Protective Edge Fund” has raised R528,000, Report readers’ contributions had surpassed a whopping R75,000 through our oh-so-easy-to-use SAJR/MDA CLICK-ATHON campaign. The special fund was set up to assist MDA in meeting the additional cost it has, given us,” said MDA-SA chairman Mark Hyman Tuesday. The ambulance collections are also a special fund
MDA-SA gone from zero to hero
“It made me very proud to be an SA Jew,” MDA-SA patron Michael Bagraim told Jewish Report after returning from Israel this week
MDA-SA gone from zero to hero, Hymans take MDA-SA from zero to hero, says Bags “It made me very proud to be an SA Jew,” MDA-SA patron Michael Bagraim told Jewish Report after returning from Israel this week where the SA organisation was last week elevated to an equal status with all other countries, including giants like the US, UK and France. Bags says that MDA-SA had “run down to almost nil” when Mark and Beulah Hyman took, was one of the drafters of an amended MDA constitution that was adopted at the organisation’s AGM last
JR readers’ response to appeal 'fantastic' - MDA
30 users had used the “SAJR/MDA Click-athon Campaign” to make an estimated R25 000 in donations by last night, says Mark Hyman, pictured.
JR readers’ response to appeal 'fantastic' - MDA, In the first two days of the “SAJR/MDA Click-athon Campaign” 20 users donated R16 090 – an average of over R800 each. Ten more donations were made yesterday, MDA-SA Chairman Mark Hyman (pictured, R24 000 in three days. Magen David Adom (MDA) Israel says South Africans have always been among their biggest donors. “It means a lot to us,“ Yonatan (Yonnie) Yagodovsky, PICTURED RIGHT, MDA, any boots were on the ground in Gaza, MDA’s operational costs were almost R1 mil a day more than
MDA’s heroes from the horse’s mouth
Read the emotional report by URI SHAHAM, the bureau chief (and himself a paramedic) of MDA's Director General the Paramedic who was touring the area near the scene of the first Israeli fatality at Erez Crossing. Shamam tells of trying to save the life of the civilian casualty after the young man was critically injured delivering food to the soldiers. MDA REALLY NEEDS SA JEWRY’s HELP – read what you can do…
MDA’s heroes from the horse’s mouth, The saddest story of one they couldn’t save! The MDA leadership, who were minutes away, arrived, chief of MDA's Director General, was the first to arrive on the scene and treat the first casualty, , the district director of Israel's south, and his deputy, went down on a routine inspection of the MDA, : failed attempt to save a life As we travelled I called the MDA dispatch of Lachish region, who, visit the MDA stations. We are looking at workers and volunteers who are caring and professional
SA Jewry donates two medi-cycles to MDA
"It struck me, when I was offered this opportunity to speak about my late Aunt Inge Shulman’s involvement with the MDA, that I actually knew very little about it. How come I didn’t really know all this? Somewhere, in the back of my memory, I vaguely remember the topic of the MDA surfacing, when I was growing up.” READ CARYN YAVIN’S MOVING SPEECH. Maxi’s Butchery and the Shulman Family donate two new magic medi-cycle first-responder ambulances to MDA
SA Jewry donates two medi-cycles to MDA, was the originator of the concept when, as a young EMT on an MDA ambulance in Jerusalem, he realised, dedication ceremony was recently held at the Jerusalem station of Israel’s (MDA) Magen David Adom, through the very active MDA-SA. Medi-cycles are a great help to first responders as they carry, MDA station, originally built with South African funding, said at the dedication, for Israel,” says Trevor, and it was Max’s son, Lee, who suggested the idea of raising funds for MDA to buy
“Generosity of SAJR users amazing” says MDA chair Hyman
Z’l Barkai Ishar Shor (pictured), an MDA volunteer driver who died when his ambulance took a direct hit from a rocket yesterday on his way to a call-out, was a qualified surgeon. He is one of the 5 civilian and 48 military victims of the Gaza offensive. SAJR users have donated over R40k through the MDS-SA/SAJR CLICK-ATHON campaign. With a single click, users can donate as little as R18. Read the latest on what’s happening in Israel and how you can help,
“Generosity of SAJR users amazing” says MDA chair Hyman, MDA-SA chair Mark Hyman told Jewish Report today that he was so excited that some 44 readers had donated over R40,000 through our CLICK-ATHON campaign with MDA. Israel’s medical emergency service needs SA help and they are sure getting it. Ten percent of MDA-SA’s nearly R500,000 collected has come, card facility and your donation goes straight to MDA Israel and starts working immediately, , (pictured above and right), an MDA volunteer driver whose day job is as a medical surgeon. His
MDA races to emergencies without delaying for details
“Magen David Adom is second only to the IDF for the safety of Israelis,” says Professor Yehuda Skornick, who heads MDA’s international relations department. In this role, he acts as the public face of MDA to the world. He is also Israel’s appointed member and ambassador to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Jewish Report spoke to him by phone on Monday at the headquarters of the MDA in Israel.
MDA races to emergencies without delaying for details, automatically immediately send an MDA team to the scene. We don’t wait for details, because when, ” which also needs to be treated. MDA has some 800 ambulances, and also scooters available, that is where the main threat is. Which means the MDA’s capacity in the north is reduced, situation, the ambulances have to be manned by emergency personnel. MDA has a permanent staff of 1, can help MDA by raising money for it. We do not get help from foreign governments, and don’t expect


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