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Kudos galore for the Shabbos Project
Once again we must take our hats off to Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and his team for organising such a successful programme for the Challah Bake as part of the Shabbos Project.
Kudos galore for the Shabbos Project, It ran so smoothly and all the decorations created a wonderful atmosphere. Approximately 6 000 women participated, with each receiving an apron. What a wonderful thought. This is the third time the Shabbos Project has been held. I am very pleased that I could participate in all the projects and most of all: All those who joined in created a camaraderie that will last forever. As well, people eating their Shabbos meal under the stars. The cynics who did not participate in the project
The Shabbos Project at Waverley Shul
Waverley Shul in Johannesburg wholeheartedly embraced the recent Shabbos Project.
The Shabbos Project at Waverley Shul, Pictured are Arnold Joseph; Mervyn Tankelowitz; Micha Essers; Bruce Bernstein; Selwyn Gershman; Marc Gershman; Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein (having a refreshing drink before The Shabbos Project kicked in); Irwin Schaffer; Mervyn Aaron; and Brian Aaron
Shabbos Project spanning the globe
Stories poured in from around the world in the aftermath of last month’s second international Shabbos Project, in which more than a million Jews in 918 cities and 84 countries, took part.
Shabbos Project spanning the globe, Oppenheimer, one of the senior rabbis of Buenos Aires who drove The Shabbos Project in that city, and persuasion participated in the Shabbos Project. In the US alone, there were more than 400, part in Shabbos Project celebrations. In the Jezreel Valley, the region’s five main settlements, and joint communal meals; Shabbos Project activities were held at, and Shabbat food parcels delivered, is believed that 100 000 people were involved in the Shabbos Project. France, Belgium and Holland were
Shabbos Project overdone
It was interesting to receive news from the chief rabbi about the Shabbos Projects in Weldon, Tel Aviv, Florence, Darmstadt, San Luis, Spring Valley, Prague, and hundreds of other cities and towns.
Shabbos Project overdone, , and after celebrating Shabbos dinner and viewing the streets in Glenhazel, I did not see a single party going on. Many shuls in the first few Shabbos Projects had massive dinners for congregants, family, , I would like to ask the rabbi if he is able to tell us how many people who keep Shabbos during the Shabbos Project continue to keep Shabbos every week thereafter – no riding of cars, walking long, This may be exciting, but I and many others believe that people have lost interest in the project
Your guide to the Shabbos Project
Challah bakes, Havdalah concerts, special meals, parties, picnics, but most of all, togetherness, are the themes of the Shabbos Project in South Africa.
Your guide to the Shabbos Project, , are the themes of the Shabbos Project in South Africa. Johannesburg’s Great Big Challah Bake took, by the Shabbos Project. This will be followed by Havdalah for the children. Sandton Shul will have a guest rabbi for Shabbos. The project will commence with pre-Shabbos drinks. There will be a dinner, how the Shabbos Project has affected their lives. There will be games for the children, a quiz, in their homes. On Shabbos day, there will be a hospitality centre, a Kiddush with a guest speaker and a lunch
Community has internalised the Shabbos Project
It is deeply moving to watch how the Shabbos Project has matured here in South Africa over the last five years. It has become part of the fabric of our community, and touches almost every one of us in a real and meaningful way. I saw this so clearly during Sukkot, when my wife and I hosted the student leaders of the various Jewish day schools in our Sukkah. Three even came from Cape Town to be part of the gathering, which was devoted to brain-storming and galvanising to work together for the Shabbos Project. I was struck by the warmth, energy and enthusiasm of these young grade 11 leaders who love the Shabbos Project and what it does for our community. It made me realise how much the Shabbos Project has entered our hearts and minds.
Community has internalised the Shabbos Project, During the last five years the Shabbos Project experience has become deeper and more meaningful, their own. Our Shuls also embrace the Shabbos Project with more proactive energy with each passing year. It, up to the Shabbos Project I asked the kids what their favourite thing about Shabbos is. The most, the Shabbos Project unite and strengthen us all. It bonds us and makes us feel like one community, and join us in the Shabbos Project. We have opened our hearts and our souls to the Shabbos Project
Shabbos Project still an inspiration to many
South Africa was the first country to spearhead the Shabbos Project. Since then, it has spread to more than 100 countries and hundreds of cities across the globe. Indeed, it’s a remarkable phenomenon!
Shabbos Project still an inspiration to many, Some people believe the Shabbos Project has lost its novelty. I can sympathise with that. Being, on, every year for the Shabbos Project, particularly since it’s so soon after the Jewish High, about the lives the Shabbos Project has touched in so many parts of the world where Jews, exactly what the Shabbos Project is about. For centuries, we Jews have had (and continue to have, , they keep Shabbos on the Shabbos Project! We may not realise it, but the Shabbos Project continues to touch
The Shabbos Project, opportunity awaits us
In his latest “Delving Deeper” piece, Rabbi Bloch discusses the power and impact of The Shabbos Project
The Shabbos Project, opportunity awaits us, Delving Deeper – The Shabbos Project In a few hours, a tremendous opportunity will be available to all who wish to take it. This is the opportunity of being part of the Shabbos Project. Feverish, , we have a special friend who wants to help us. Our friend is called the Shabbos Project. The Shabbos Project provides that entry point that we so desperately seek. Events, lectures, dinners, kids’ activities, concerts …..It is all there and easily available. The Shabbos Project will give us
Shabbos Project embraced In SA & worldwide
“We are proud to again be joining the spiritual tsunami that’s sweeping across the world,” Rabbi Ari Kievman, of the Shul in Sandton Central, told the SA Jewish Report in anticipation of this year’s Shabbos Project, initiated in this country in 2013 - the brainchild of Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein.
Shabbos Project embraced In SA & worldwide, of the Shabbos Project as one of the most dramatic kinds of community leadership… “people who embrace, optimistically and dynamically to create a better community for all”. The Shabbos Project started in South, of the difficulty in finding a minyan. “But, in honour of the Shabbos Project, we are having a Saturday, speak eight different languages. While it is impossible to cover all the efforts of the Shabbos Project across South Africa and beyond, several of the congregations and communities in Gauteng
Shabbos Project gets wings - and flies
Johannesburg remains the hub for this year’s Shabbos Project - which has now also acquired an international flavour - with Great Park Shul planning a massive street dinner, with Chabad of Savoy and Ohr Somayach joining in this momentous occasion.
Shabbos Project gets wings - and flies, Shabbos Project events were taking place in Jewish communities across South Africa this week, Shabbos Project programmes and events, and it is expected that at least 75 per cent of South Africa's 75 000 Jews will participate in one way or another. The Shabbos Project is a social movement, for the first time in their lives. The Shabbos Project drew people together in ways never seen, evening saw WIZO Pretoria kick-start the Shabbos Project with a ”Dessert Demo”, taste and tea, under





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