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Ikeys minyan – a first for UCT
Jewish students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) recently celebrated a successful semester of their newly established weekly morning minyan.
Ikeys minyan – a first for UCT, two years, established a thriving Jewish student community primarily on the campuses of UCT, the highest population of Jewish students. Ikeys is the name of the UCT rugby team. The “Ikey” nickname originated in about 1910 as an anti-Semitic epithet applied to UCT students because of the supposed, Samson Foundation which, together with Chabad, opened the Samson Student House near UCT in 2016, Rachel Bloch House, home of the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research at UCT while it’s
UCT Nazi propagandists given amnesty
The University of Cape Town (UCT) has given a blanket amnesty to the “Black Monday” group of students who hung huge swastikas, pictures of Hitler and other Nazi paraphernalia prominently on campus in March. The students said at the time that it was their intention to put their struggle against the Rhodes statue into a form that “Jews could understand.”
UCT Nazi propagandists given amnesty, UCT vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, said last week that an "executive decision" had been made to grant amnesty against prosecution to students involved in protest-related incidents between 9 March, , Board lash out on UCT Hitler posters by VANESSA VALKIN and ANT KATZ, published on 20 March 2015, SAJR Online reported how a group of UCT students, calling themselves “Black Monday” had admitted, that we recognise that there were incidents of unacceptable behaviour that contravened UCT rules,” said
UCT fridge is coldest spot in Africa
Some 500 000 light years away from earth is the coldest place in the known universe, the Boomerang Nebula, with a temperature of minus 272,15 degrees Celsius - just one degree above absolute zero.
UCT fridge is coldest spot in Africa, University. Before joining the Department of Physics at UCT, he worked at the National Physical
Jewish students are full and equal participants at UCT
The headline of an article in the March 16 issue (“SAZF concerned for Jewish students’ safety at UCT”) gives the unfortunate impression that the campus has become an unwelcome place for Jewish students. This could not be further from the truth.
Jewish students are full and equal participants at UCT, occasional morning services on campus. (He is also responsible for the UCT Yids sweatshirts, worn, as seders were conducted each year in the Obama White House.) UCT students know, too, that UCT cares, have a proud place at UCT, or, as it is known to its students “Ikeyland”: an anti-Semitic slur of the 1920s that UCT students long ago adopted and transformed into a point of pride
BDS group roundly defeated in UCT election
DA Student Organisation (DASO) at UCT, won the SRC election in a landslide victory last week, scooping 10 of the 17 seats. Says DA Youth Leader Yusuf Cassim (pic): “This is an exceptional victory, as every single DASO SRC candidate has been elected to the SRC. I would like to congratulate them, on behalf of the DA and the DA Youth. They have made us extremely proud.” One of the DASO students is Jewish.
BDS group roundly defeated in UCT election, , Khanyisa Baz Pinini, DASO will put UCT students first, as it has done in the past.” Cassim said DASO appreciated the faith and trust that UCT students had placed in their leadership. He promised to do
SAZF concerned for Jewish students’ safety at UCT
Rowan Polovin, chairperson of the SA Zionist Federation (SAZF) Cape Council, says he fears for the future of Jewish students at the University of Cape Town (UCT). This, in the midst of an aggressive but fairly uneventful Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) at the university.
SAZF concerned for Jewish students’ safety at UCT, Polovin says Jewish students have received little support from UCT’s leadership, despite attacks on their religion and identity, and vandalism targeting them during IAW. “They’ve done little to show how they will protect our students and their rights to freedom of speech and identity. UCT, as Jews and Zionists. We are concerned for the future of Jews at UCT.” Despite this, Jewish, that UCT is not a safe space for minority groups.” In addition, as IAW started on Monday, an Israeli
SAUJS, Board lash out on UCT Hitler posters
Black Monday students tell SAUJS, SRC that swastikas were to put struggle against statue into a form that “Jews could understand.” Intransigent & unapologetic over the images, Black Monday said they planned similar campaigns this week. Jewish students and Cape SAJBD were up in arms & the story is making international headlines. It is unclear why dissenting students who want founder Cecil Rhodes’ statue removed have targeted Jewish students in the process.
SAUJS, Board lash out on UCT Hitler posters, Town (UCT) arrived on campus Wednesday to find images of Adolf Hitler and swastikas plastered, met with the UCT Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the Black Monday perpetrators, for the remainder of this week. LEFT: UCT is SA’s oldest university, founded in 1829. In 1928, that greeted UCT students on Wednesday morning SAJBD’s Cape Council up in arms Chairman, of Nazi imagery.” They also called on the authorities of UCT to curtail the use of such imagery
UCT and Wits are tainted by their calls to boycott Israel
Graduates of what were great academic institutions must be saddened and outraged today by the depths to which the universities of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and Cape Town (UCT) have sunk.
UCT and Wits are tainted by their calls to boycott Israel, . Wits and UCT, through various platforms, are unashamedly urging a full academic and cultural boycott, in the region and, by association, the Jewish people. In the 1960s, young activist students at UCT and Wits
Call on UCT to break academic ties with Israel
The recent call by UCT to break off relations with Israeli institutions, may be well-intended if the reasons for this proposed break were consistent and applied to other countries whose well-documented (bad) human rights records far surpass those that the university and their Palestinian support accuse Israel of.
Call on UCT to break academic ties with Israel, occupation of Ukraine and of course UCT should cut her ties with Turkey for not only occupying parts of Cyprus, but denying Turkey’s 25 million Kurdish citizens an independent state. But UCT and her
UCT’s Max Price in a catch-22 situation over boycott
Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town (UCT), Dr Max Price, is facing a monumental ethical dilemma as his campus campaigns - for the second time in three years - for an academic boycott of Israel. If imposed, this would be one of the first major academic institutions in a democratic country to do so.
UCT’s Max Price in a catch-22 situation over boycott, is a programme of UCT’s Palestinian Solidarity Forum (PSF). This pressing issue is shortly to be pronounced upon by UCT’s Academic Freedom Committee (AFC) – an organisation which aims to protect and promote free speech on campus - of which Dr Price is a member. A delegation of UCT’s South African, bridges towards engagement, not boycott”. SAUJS Cape chairperson, Jordan Seligmann said: “If UCT endorsed, : “While there are many in our community who may support BDS and other boycotts, UCT (through its


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