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UCT: a Jew unfriendly university
The academic boycott of Israel by the University of Cape Town (UCT) is closer than it has ever been. The boycott has been approved by students and the senate, and now it will go to the university council on 30 March for a final vote.
UCT: a Jew unfriendly university, . Although sound on every level, should UCT vote for an academic boycott of Israel, it would be unlikely, , is more dramatic and confrontational. I believe that in the event of UCT confirming an academic boycott, as a Jew-unfriendly university. Jewish academics from around the world need to be made aware of UCT’s, with a Jew-unfriendly university. Jewish UCT alumni need to resign any form of membership, and no donations should be given to the institution. If UCT chooses to go the route of boycotting Israeli
UCT’s lack of principle
In much the same way as University of Cape Town (UCT) academics took Karl Marx seriously in the 1970s and 1980s, so they have now heeded the advice of the less famous Marx. “These are my principles and if you don’t like them… well, I have others,” said Groucho.
UCT’s lack of principle, Groucho would be applauding UCT. Last November, the senate roundly defeated a motion to boycott, , the senior executive of UCT formally shared the senate’s majority view. Less than four months later, – turned on its principles. UCT’s council – the institution’s highest authority – debated the senate, of identifying only the Jewish state. More disturbing, however, is a clause in which UCT reserves, , the resolution might not pass constitutional muster. This remains to be seen. Many leading UCT
Ikeys minyan – a first for UCT
Jewish students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) recently celebrated a successful semester of their newly established weekly morning minyan.
Ikeys minyan – a first for UCT, two years, established a thriving Jewish student community primarily on the campuses of UCT, the highest population of Jewish students. Ikeys is the name of the UCT rugby team. The “Ikey” nickname originated in about 1910 as an anti-Semitic epithet applied to UCT students because of the supposed, Samson Foundation which, together with Chabad, opened the Samson Student House near UCT in 2016, Rachel Bloch House, home of the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research at UCT while it’s
Setback for UCT boycotters
On Saturday last week, the council of the University of Cape Town (UCT) declined to adopt a senate resolution that the university imposes an academic boycott against its Israeli counterparts. Instead, the matter was referred back to the senate, since it was felt that “a number of issues required clarification, including a full assessment of the sustainability impact of the resolution, and a more consultative process was necessary before the matter could be considered any further”.
Setback for UCT boycotters, We welcome the council’s rejection of the resolution, which in addition to flouting fundamental principles of academic freedom, was self-evidently discriminatory, thoroughly unscholarly in terms of its skewed interpretation of the Israeli-Palestinian question, and driven by radical ideological bias against Israel rather than any genuine concerns for human rights. In our statement, we commended the council for having endorsed the principles of academic freedom, and called upon the UCT senate
Calling on UCT to reject academic boycott
The Western Cape branch of the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) and the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) have called on the University of the Cape Town’s (UCT’s) council to reject the proposed academic boycott of Israel that would potentially harm Jewish students.
Calling on UCT to reject academic boycott, appealed for action, calling on UCT alumni to act. The university council is due to vote, students and bodies at UCT. We have repeatedly been denied right of reply, the right to offer our point, students at UCT. “What would such an acceptance mean for our presence on campus? What further suppressions, to “restore a sense of inclusivity and respect for Jewish students”. The SAZF called on UCT alumni, to attack Israel and undermine academic freedom at UCT. The consequences of the decision
End of the line for UCT Israel boycott
The door was finally closed last week on long-running efforts by anti-Israel pressure groups to get the University of Cape Town to impose a boycott on its Israeli counterparts. In March this year, the UCT senate went so far as to pass a resolution to boycott Israeli universities deemed to be “enabling” rights violations. However, the UCT council determined that a more consultative process along with an assessment of the impact of the resolution on the institution’s sustainability was needed, and referred the matter back to senate. At its meeting on Friday, the senate again considered the boycott question, and this time resoundingly rejected it, with more than two-thirds of members voting to rescind the March resolution.
End of the line for UCT Israel boycott, the world over, but would also have caused considerable and lasting damage to UCT itself. In our media statement, we commended UCT on the firm stance it has taken against politically-motivated academic boycotts of this nature. We further condemned the three-year obsession by certain UCT academics, interests and reputation of UCT itself, and taking the university’s focus away from key issues of concern to UCT and our country. Thankfully, this pointless and damaging episode in UCT’s history has now
UCT call for feedback on Israel boycott could backfire
Anti-Israel activists appear to be attempting to improperly influence a survey issued by the University of Cape Town (UCT) over a possible academic boycott of Israeli universities.
UCT call for feedback on Israel boycott could backfire, As UCT is calling for stakeholders to participate in the survey on whether or not to institute, calling on people who have nothing to do with UCT to complete the survey, tick the donor box, and make, for a motion that, “UCT will not enter into any formal relationships with Israeli academic institutions, of the senate resolution, paired with a more consultative process,” wrote UCT Vice-Chancellor, of the UCT community to submit their views on the senate resolution. The outcome of this, together
UCT Nazi propagandists given amnesty
The University of Cape Town (UCT) has given a blanket amnesty to the “Black Monday” group of students who hung huge swastikas, pictures of Hitler and other Nazi paraphernalia prominently on campus in March. The students said at the time that it was their intention to put their struggle against the Rhodes statue into a form that “Jews could understand.”
UCT Nazi propagandists given amnesty, UCT vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, said last week that an "executive decision" had been made to grant amnesty against prosecution to students involved in protest-related incidents between 9 March, , Board lash out on UCT Hitler posters by VANESSA VALKIN and ANT KATZ, published on 20 March 2015, SAJR Online reported how a group of UCT students, calling themselves “Black Monday” had admitted, that we recognise that there were incidents of unacceptable behaviour that contravened UCT rules,” said
UCT fridge is coldest spot in Africa
Some 500 000 light years away from earth is the coldest place in the known universe, the Boomerang Nebula, with a temperature of minus 272,15 degrees Celsius - just one degree above absolute zero.
UCT fridge is coldest spot in Africa, University. Before joining the Department of Physics at UCT, he worked at the National Physical
UCT’s proposed Israel boycott a moral outrage
In the early years of this century, attempted boycotts of Israeli universities and academics emerged as a new weapon against the Jewish state. At the institutional level, the campaign has made minimal gains, with all universities resisting pressure to accede to boycotters’ demands. It has, however, led to instances of Israeli academics being blackballed, excluded, and effectively banned in various forums, as well as provoking numerous ugly confrontations on university campuses the world over, including in South Africa.
UCT’s proposed Israel boycott a moral outrage, at the University of Cape Town (UCT). When a boycott resolution was rejected at the meeting of the UCT senate last November, it was thought that this was the end of the matter. Instead, a new, is now up to the UCT council to decide at its meeting this coming weekend whether or not it, (SAJBD) has focused on communicating to the UCT leadership why a boycott would be discriminatory, forward by UCT. There is no resolution to boycott universities operating in China, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe






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