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Bev Goldman

Top-ten from Bev this week



Opinion and Analysis

Week ending 9 July 2014

1. It’s in our hands to put an end to bloodshed

Outgoing President Peres, President-Elect Rivlin, YNet News, 7 July 2014


Exclusive: Israel’s outgoing president and president-elect call on Jews and Arabs to end the violence and incitement, and have faith in the ability to live together



2.  Analysis: Jewish terror and Arab terror – dangers and differences

Michael Widlanski, Algemeiner, 7 July 2014

If a court confirms that Jews kidnapped and murdered a 16-year-old Arab boy, it is a dangerous shift in Jewish terror that has moral and strategic implications.



3. Settlers, terrorists and the process of “othering”


Leanne Stillerman, Daily Maverick, 7 July 2014

Recent events in Israel and Palestine raise questions about the roots of empathy: Who do we feel for? Do some instances of human suffering evoke our sympathies while others are overlooked; do we engage in a kind of selective empathy on the basis of either our identification with or distance from the victims in question?



4. The seeds of the next intifada


Jesse Rosenfeld, Daily Beast, 7 July 2014

As Palestinian and Jewish extremists trade murder for murder, the streets of hitherto quiet villages are erupting in some of the worst violence since the last uprising more than a decade ago.           



5. Europe’s alarming push to isolate Israel

Alan Dershowitz, Newsmax, 7 July 2014

When President Barack Obama warned of “international fallout” if Israel fails to embrace the latest U.S. Middle East peace proposal, Newsmax asked noted author and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz to comment on the growing talk of a European boycott against Israel.



6. Israel’s acumen beats the BDS back to the Stone Age

Nurit Greenger, World News Report, 3 July 2014

The program Moran invented empowers the teachers to easily write comments and add links to the comments on top of the book that is automatically disseminated to their students. This makes the subject interesting and more personable.



7.  Teens’ murder was an attack against the ‘calm’

Ben-Dror Yemini, YNet News, 2 July 2014

Those who kidnapped and killed the Israeli teens sought to inflame the situation. There’s no need to give them what they want.



8. It’s time to stop infantilising the Palestinians


Alan Johnson, The Telegraph, 2 July 2014

The world treats the Palestinians as children – ‘the pathology of paternalism’, it has been called.

9.         Slaughter of innocents

Editorial, Boston Herald, 2 July 2014


This shows the true face of Hamas for whom no crime against Israeli Jews is too heinous.



10. The right to kill Jews with impunity

Evelyn Gordon, Jerusalem Post, 2 July 2014


That – not settlements or Jerusalem – is the Palestinians’ top priority, a new poll shows.

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