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Braving Highveld cold for a good cause




 CEOs and captains of industry, snuggle down in biting cold for less privileged

As the pictures below our story show, despite all their layers of clothing and despite the braziers and copious cups of coffee, Jewish CEOs couldn’t wait to get into their down-filled sleeping bags to add that extra layer last night in the open air in Sandton.

Sleep Stephen by HowThe Jewish executives seem to have had lots of fun and their nearly R3 million contribution will have been appreciated by the organisers. Reports early this morning say most were overwhelmed by the experience which aimed to raise awareness about the plight of people living in poverty.
All in all some R23 million was raised.

RIGHT: Investec co-founder and head, Stephen Koseff was snapped by SA Jewish Report Chairman Howard Sackstein, who shared the streets last night. The multi-layered, cardboarded, beanied, and bagged Koseff was either trading, snapping selfies or tweeting while he could still move his fingers!

Eye Witness News (EWN) reported this morning that one the business leaders who slept on the streets of Sandton last night said he was “humbled” by the experience. “It grounds me when I have to experience what they experience every day,” he said.

Some of the country’s top decision-makers braved the cold winter evening and swapped their beds for the concrete pavement along Gwen Lane.


And many top SA Jewish business leaders were among them.

Sharing the stage

One of those with whom the Jewish business elite were sharing the stage, was Lonmin CEO Ben Magara, who says the country’s corporate sector must play its part in eradicating the country’s endemic poverty.

“It’s such a good cause and I felt it’s an opportunity for people who have had the fortunes like we have to have a chance to give back.”

The head of KFC, Doug Smart, said the he was honoured to have been part of the initiative.

Most CEOs say that while sleeping out was not a walk in the park, they would do it again for the underprivileged.

Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau said he was excited to be part of the initiative and to lend a hand to those less fortunate in society.

He said such initiatives should be expanded across all provinces.

Any Jewish organisers or CEOs who attended, are welcome to share their own anecdotes and/or pictures – send them to: – and use the subject line: “CEO”.

“I think we should mobilise as many people as possible, particularly senior people in our society, captains of industry and leaders in the public service to contribute in their own way, particularly in the major urban centres.”

Some CEOs called on other co-operate executives to follow suit and help those in need.

The CEOs said South Africans should start adopting a culture of giving.

“Apart from CEOs experiencing the pain that people experience, the money that’s going to be raised is going to a very good cause,” said one businessman.

“I think it’s a wonderful event, and it’s extraordinary, the amount of money that’s been raised,” said another.

All pictures by Ilan Ossendryver unless stipulated otherwise…

Sleepout bedded 4

Sleepout 5 with cop
Sleepout Kosseff, coffee n sleeping bag

Sleepout bedded 4

Sleepout 6 guys

Sleepout 4 with Dawn

Sleepout 1

Sleepout Onesie

Sleepout 5 with cop

Sleepout Kosseff, coffee n sleeping bag

Sleepout 4 with Dawn

Sleepout 1

Sleepout Dawn

Sleepout 6 guys



Send us your own pics & necdotes: – and use the subject line: “CEO”


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