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Addi’s butterflies of hope fly worldwide




Two days after this happening, the Johannesburg-based Jewish TV personality (52) was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. While undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy, Addi remembered well the butterfly effect. It infused her with hope and courage. She saw herself as the chrysalis which signifies pain in transformation and the afterlife is the butterfly where we really get to fly.

Despite her own unfortunate circumstances of her late diagnosis and not having insurance cover or medical aid, she embarked on her journey to create a butterfly effect. This became known as the Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign which runs 365 days a year.

She created the Forever Changed documentary which is screened at the Dance of the Butterfly events. These have been hosted by Addi’s appointed ambassadors worldwide with the launch in Hollywood in March last year by award-winning actor Emmanuel Castis, South African actress Casey Kampel and Cindy Alter. 

Since then the events have taken flight and travelled round Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and Israel. This year it’s scheduled to be held in Perth, Melbourne and New Zealand.

The Forever Changed documentary is a road map for newly diagnosed cancer warriors to choose how they want to live their lives. It’s focused on cancer prevention, early detection, patient rights, knowing and taking responsibility of one’s own health and wellbeing.

“What motivates a person to find courage in the face of adversity; to deal with incredible pain and suffering that could have been avoided?

 “How each person processes a diagnosis of cancer varies. Some may go into denial, some become engulfed in fear and sadness, while others remain strong and optimistic. The reality of standing at death’s doorstep is significant. What is individual and unique is how you find the strength to deal with it.

“The overwhelming feeling of joy and incredible hope that I had when a butterfly landed on my hand days before my diagnosis, is that no matter what happens in life, there is always free will and choice,” says Addi.

The Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign aims to offer a global warning and to create a stirring deep inside that rattles you to your core.  It’s to remind one to avoid apathy and to live life deliberately.

“This campaign is not simply a story of events that may lead to my demise, but rather, how you choose to live your life.

“I’ve chosen not to undergo any further tests or treatment and to live life as colourfully, naturally and holistically as possible.

“Pay it forward and service above self” is my choice,” says Addi.

* The next Dance of the Butterfly event is to be held at King David Victory Park High School in The Black Box Theatre at 14:00 on February 26. Proceeds will go to 19-year-old Jarred Wood, a former Davidian brain cancer warrior. Tickets may be obtained from Michelle, 082-686-6704. See


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