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Term ‘fast food’ came from Jew




American scientist and nutritional advocate Michael Jacobson (born July 29, 1943) holds a PhD in microbiology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and co-founded the Centre for Science in the Public Interest in 1971, along with two fellow scientists.

Originally serving as executive director, Jacobson today sits as secretary on the board of directors of the organisation.

He has been a national leader in the movement to require nutrition labels on all foods and most beverages to help consumers make informed decisions about what to consume.

Jacobson once said that “CSPI is proud of finding something wrong with practically everything”.

Yet there are many who question Jacobson and his group’s questionable “scientific” studies and political attacks.

Among some of the food he has ‘junked’ are: Alfalfa sprouts; beer; berries; cantaloupes; clams; distilled spirits; eggs; fat-free ice cream; fruit juice; garlic bread; lettuce; melons; milk; salads; shellfish; and wine.

Be he right or wrong, however, Jacobson’s coining of the term fast food will probably be his longest-standing legacy.

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