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Friedman’s pronouncements: The mind boggles



Roni Hirschowitz

Where in Hamas’ charter calling for the destruction of Israel, followed by the rest of world Jewry, is the rationality or compromise? Or is that a rational thing in Prof Friedman’s mind?

Even the supposedly more moderate PA leader told Israel to “prepare the body bags” for its citizens. And the reason why there was only one death (do you really find that death regrettable, Prof?), is because Israelis were “herded into shelters” and thanks to the Iron Dome! 

As for his claim that he “personally heard representatives of communal organisations claim that all non-Jews are anti-Semites”, considering his writings, I highly doubt he ever heard such tripe or attended a legitimate Jewish gathering since his barmitzvah.  

Do the kidnappings and terror attacks not count as putting Israel in imminent mortal danger?

The only reason the IDF hasn’t flattened Gaza (despite its military superiority), is because it’s too moral and decent for its own good. 

Where does Friedman get the audacity? Words fail me!

Eastleigh, Edenvale

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