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I call on all SA Jews to defend Israel by changing the negative stereotypes



Sonny Myerson, Cape Town

If we don’t come out fighting, the enemy will overrun us. We have to be as brave as Israeli combat soldiers.

Many are complaining that Israel does not do enough to defend itself in the media; they say we have lost the media war.

We have to help Israel in this war. It is incumbent upon every Jew to start changing the narrative, and there is a way to do it.

Ask yourself every day: “What have I done for Israel today?” Each of us has to say something positive or write something positive about Israel. Every day. If you cannot do it, don’t blame Israel’s perceived lack of defence in the media.

Many of us have housekeepers; talk to them. Tell them to talk to their families. Talk to anyone who will listen. We have to spread the word.

I have started a Facebook page: Sonny Myerson – Good News Israel. If you want good news, there will be plenty of it. There are other ideas that I have and I will be rolling them out over the next few months.

Let’s join together for the fight of our lives. Anything less will not be good enough. If we don’t fight back, the end of the Jews in South Africa is just around the corner.

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