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Kosher consumers short changed



Chonnie Romm, Netanya and Johannesburg

For example, on erev Shavuot at a certain supermarket, I was surprised to be charged more than R3 more for each of several kosher cream tubs marked R34.99 on the shelf. I spoke to the manager, who apologised and refunded the difference. How many others paid the higher price without noticing the discrepancy? The time wasted in sorting out such matters is also not inconsequential.

At a second shop, several items of cheeses were rung up at R4 more than the indicated price of R22.49. Why? The manager’s excuse was that they were under pressure and didn’t have time to adjust the price at the till to the shelf price.

At another establishment, a 10c shortfall in change was greeted with the cynical response, “What’s 10c?” before handing over the correct change. Ten cents obviously isn’t a big amount, but it’s the principle that the correct change be given. Who knows how many other customers are short-changed in various amounts without noticing?

I have had similar experiences to the above several times before. There are, of course, other shops/supermarkets which are scrupulous about charging marked prices, but isn’t it time we all become more careful in checking our slips? 

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