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Last but not least of our Jewish brides





In this week’s issue of the print SAJR (download on top right hand corner of any page) we print the last batch of our beautiful Jewish Brides Competition 2013 entries. Alas, all good things come to an end; alas, the same applies to our competition. As expected, our bridal crop was stunning. You were all gorgeous!

DON’T MISS THE READ OF THE YEAR “One day at a time – Reclaiming my life” by finalist Mandi Romain, AND BE SURE TO HAVE A FULL BOX OF TISSUES HANDY

Our function to pay homage to our brides who entered, will take place on November 25 at Jozi Blue in Glenhazel, Johannesburg. It will take the form of light refreshments and tea, from 4 to 6pm. All local brides are expected to be there in person, to stand a chance to draw a prize (in one of the boxes) from one of our sponsors.

Those out-of-towners – for instance our Cape Town entries – who can’t be here in person, must contact Susan Walumda of SA Jewish Report timeously, so that they may also be included in the draw. Someone here will draw on their behalf. Susan’s details are (011) 274-1400 or

Again, our deepest appreciation and thanks to the brides who graced our pages over the months. You did yourself and our community proud.

Thanks, as always, to our kind sponsors without whom such events could not occur: Mi-Vami; Hottess; House of Hair; Kitchenique; Seattle Coffee Co; KosherWorld; House of Judaica; Jozi Blue; Pretty Wman; Savour; Lazers Jewellers; 54 on Bath; and Spray Tanning.

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