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SAUJS sweeps leadership awards
The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) won best student society at the annual Leadership Awards Ceremony at the University of the Witwatersrand last Tuesday.
SAUJS sweeps leadership awards, Moreover, 2018 SAUJS Chairperson Yanir Grindler was runner up for best leader of a community organisation. SAUJS wishes a massive mazeltov to him and the entire SAUJS Wits 2018 committee for this major achievement
Taking on SAUJS leadership
Rachel Raff is the newly-appointed South African Union of Jewish Students national chairperson. She grew up in the heart of Jewish Johannesburg as the oldest of seven children. She went to Torah Academy Primary, Beis Yaakov High and did her matric at Eden College.
Taking on SAUJS leadership, for Birthright (a SAUJS annual trip to Israel which ignited my Jewish identity and is something I can speak, on different aspects of Jewish identity and Israel. What drew you to take on a leadership role in SAUJS, Jewish identity. It is this passion that started my involvement in SAUJS, as I believed in being, ’s really important to me right now. Through my time in SAUJS I’ve been given exposure to local, to further relationships and take SAUJS to the next level of Jewish and South African activism. What do
SAUJS wins international award
The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) won the Israel Engagement Award at the 44th annual World Union of Jewish Students congress in Jerusalem on December 31.
SAUJS wins international award, This award is given to the union or group of students who’ve organised a unique programme that connects Jewish students to Israel in an innovative and meaningful way. The award acknowledges the great efforts SAUJS undertook during their 2017 #SeeIsraelForYourself campaign across university campuses. The campaign aimed to make Jewish students feel more comfortable on campus during the BDS’s, on campus where SAUJS members were there to chat about contentious topics. They used this event
SAUJS election renews commitment to students
The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) recently held elections and selected the organisation’s 2019 national committee.
SAUJS election renews commitment to students, The incoming committee will focus on making SAUJS a more inclusive organisation, and ensure that every Jewish student has the space and ability to express themselves within the organisation
SAUJS leaders want to meet their elders
The SA Union of Jewish Students has invited the community to attend a Gala Dinner next month. While its billed as an “Alumni” event, SAUJS’ special project portfolio head, Cayla Urdang, assured SAJR Online today that “everyone's welcome.” They hope to “recapture the spirit of previous generations of student activists,” and SAUJS is asking the community's help “to track down as many SAUJS Alumni as possible.” They are also looking for memorabilia. Read how you can help SAUJS, and all about that Banquet, too.
SAUJS leaders want to meet their elders, Whether you hear it billed as the “SAUJS Gala Dinner” or the “SAUJS Alumni Gala Dinner,” SAUJS, of young Jewish leaders and activists wanting to make connections their elders. RIGHT: SAUJS' Cayla Urdang The past chairs and committee members of SAUJS reads like a Who’s-Who of the community, the Apartheid regime back in the day. “As part of the SAUJS special project portfolio for 2015, a conversation with the current leadership.” What a great idea! Urdang says that the history of SAUJS
Summer U in Luhačovice for SAUJS execs
SAUJS execs, Natan Pollack (national treasurer, pictured) and Cayla Urdang (vice chairman) went to the small town of Luhačovice in the Czech Republic last month for the annual European Union of Jewish Students’ Summer U conference. The EUJS is an umbrella org for over 200 000 Jewish European students from 34 countries. Why were the SAUJS pair there and what did they do?
Summer U in Luhačovice for SAUJS execs, On August 24, SAUJS executive members Natan Pollack (national treasurer) and Cayla Urdang (vice, participants from various European and other countries. SAUJS' role at Summer U “The role of SAUJS, a session on Israel Apartheid Week in South Africa, and share techniques SAUJS used to combat Israel Apartheid Week – namely ‘Give Peace Wings’,: Cayla Urdang told Jewish Report. SAUJS aimed, continued post the session, and the feedback SAUJS received was outstanding. Both Natan and Cayla feel
SAUJS on Wits support for 'Solidarity Week'
SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) National Chairman Natan Pollack issued a statement about the Johannesburg City's aligning with BDS and Wits' SRC to host a "Palestinian Solidarity Week". In a widely-circulated letter, Natan said that an "e-mail released by the University of the Witwatersrand on Wednesday announced the commencement of a Palestinian Solidarity Week hosted by the university’s Student Representative Council (SRC) . "SAUJS," he said, was" fully aware of the event as well as the many concerns of our members regarding it." Read what else he had to say...
SAUJS on Wits support for 'Solidarity Week', Dear SAUJS member, An e-mail released by the University of the Witwatersrand on Wednesday, Representative Council (SRC). The SA Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) is fully aware of the event as well as the many concerns of our members regarding it. RIGHT: Natan Pollack While SAUJS fully supports, personal ideological agendas. SAUJS has no issue with an event of this nature being organised, Wits student communit, rather than push the agendas of a particular sector of it. SAUJS is deeply
SAUJS elects 2015 national executive
The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) held elections on Sunday October 12 to select their new national executive for 2015. Natan Pollack, pictured, is the hew national chairman
SAUJS elects 2015 national executive, Gabriella Blumberg, the national media officer for SAUJS, Also among the aims of SAUJS, says, Projects Manager - Cayla Urdang Read more about SAUJS on this website: Read more on new chairman, click: NATAN POLLACK (5 content items) More about SAUJS, click here: SAUJS (43 content items
SAUJS wins best society award
The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) branch of the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) was recently recognised as the university’s most outstanding religious society and most outstanding society based on initiative.
SAUJS wins best society award, of volunteering, and created spaces of solidarity,” said outgoing SAUJS chairperson Liora Katzew. Wits is one, of SAUJS’ achievements were shared. These included an event at Constitution Hill on reconciliation which, in which SAUJS was given the opportunity to say a prayer and speech at an interfaith gathering on campus against gender-based violence. “This really shows that we fulfilled our goal to extend SAUJS beyond the so called bubble, and create a space for SAUJS members to be active agents of change.”
Closeness between Board and SAUJS advantageous
With the new academic year about to get underway, the focus is shifting once more to our university campuses. Orientation week commenced at Wits, with SAUJS using the opportunity to introduce itself to first-year students and sign up members.
Closeness between Board and SAUJS advantageous, environment, SAUJS provides a wide range of social, educational, religious and outreach activities in which they can remain connected to and build on their heritage. Where required, SAUJS stands up, and SAUJS. We regularly collaborate in running various community outreach projects, an example being, in Sharpeville. The national chairman of SAUJS sits on the Gauteng Council and National Executive Committee, in touch with what is happening on campus. The Board, working with SAUJS, also assists


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