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Steven Friedman’s ‘logic’ defies all ‘logic’



Gwen Jacobson


It is not surprising to realise that that view is held by many whose relatives and friends have been killed or injured – and they are not all Jewish either. Friedman complains that people were “herded” into shelters:  should the Israeli authorities have waited for large numbers to be killed before taking steps to protect them?

And beyond ridiculous is the use of some expressions, for instance: “stoned to death”, so strongly emotive but in the last some 2 to 3 000 years only applicable to certain enemies of Israel; Do I need to name them? In view of this kind of verbiage I will not even bother to address various other illogical and non-factual items in the letter.

I wish only to mention that it did not escape my notice that the esteemed professor ends his letter with the information that he is the director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy. So, that is why he limits his criticisms to Israel, because there are no other democracies in the Middle East… 

And I will most certainly ignore any response to my letter.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gary Selikow

    Nov 5, 2014 at 8:01 am

    ‘Steven Friedman is an embittered venomous hatemonger’

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